How To Fix Homegrown Talent Not Working In FIFA 22?

Read this guide to learn how to fix the Homegrown Talent not working bug in FIFA 22.

If you have played the Career Mode in FIFA 22, you may have come across a rather frustrating bug that does not give you a homegrown talent player. Homegrown Talents are local players that have the potential to go on to become superstars. The nationality of these players will depend on the league you choose when playing the game. This makes these types of players really important, as they can offer you excellent performances and attributes without you having to shell out huge sums of money. In this guide, we will show you how to fix this bug.

How to Fix Homegrown Talent Not Working Bug in FIFA 22?

homegrown talent not working bug solution fifa 22

Have you Pre-ordered the Game?

The first step you need to do when you realize that you have not received the homegrown talent player is to check if you have actually pre-ordered the game. This is because you can only receive these players if you have pre-ordered the game. This is one of the many bonus items you receive as a reward for ordering the game before the others.

If you have not ordered the game in advance, you will not be able to receive this type of player. Homegrown Talents are exclusive to players who have pre-ordered.

Wait for the Full Game to Release

If you have pre-ordered FIFA 22, but have still not got your homegrown talent player, you might need to wait until the game has been fully released in your country of residence. There are chances the player might only arrive when the entire game launches officially. You might need to be a little patient, as such bonus items usually tend to take some time to arrive in the game.

These were the potential solutions to the Homegrown Talent bug in FIFA 22. As you can see, this is probably an error that will be taken care of really soon, considering the fact that the game is very new. As long as you have pre-ordered the game, you should not have to worry much about this issue.

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