Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Home On Arrange Side Quest

Here's how to complete the "Home on Arrange" quest to build a humble abode for Link in TOTK.

With the “Home on Arrange” side quest, you can provide Link with a cozy house in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). However, unlike BOTW, you can build a house on your own with the new Fuse and Ultrahand abilities. This gives you the freedom to design the layout of Link’s house on a beautiful plot overlooking Tarrey Town. As you progress, you can add more rooms and amenities to the house like a kitchen, weapon stand, and more. So if you like the sound of a new house, here’s how to complete the ‘Home on Arrange’ quest.

How to Get “Home On Arrange” Quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Get Home on Arrange quest from Rhondson in TOTK
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You can get the ‘Home on Arrange’ side quest at Tarrey Town to the south of Akkala Highlands. But you must complete the “Mattinson’s Independence” quest first.

  1. Once you complete that quest, visit Tarrey Town again and go to the Hudson’s Construction at the coordinates (3946, 1595, 0128).
  2. Then, talk to Rhondson and she will offer you a plot of land for 1,500 Rupees.
  3. If you don’t have the cash, simply go to the shop next to the entrance and talk to Fyson.
  4. Sell any unnecessary items in your inventory and get the money.
  5. Now, head back to Rhondson and select the “A Dream Home, please!” option.
  6. She will ask you to visit the plot and start the “Home on Arrange” side quest in TOTK.

How to Build a House for Link (Home on Arrange Quest Guide)

Talk to Granteson to build your house
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Once you start the quest, head over to the coordinates (4171, 1379, 0207) and talk to Granteson. The best way to reach this location is to use the Rasitakiwak Shrine portal. He will show you your plot and provide you with two rooms to start with. Now to build the house:

  1. Use the Ultrahand ability to lift the Foyer and place it in the roped area.
  2. Now, lift the Bedroom and place it by the foyer in such a way that the nets are facing each other.

    Link House Design in TOTK
    Image Source: Game Guides Channel on YouTube
  3. Once you place the bedroom, hit the “A” key to automatically attach it to the foyer.
  4. Talk to Granteson and select the “I’m done building” option.
  5. He’ll inspect the building and approve it if there are no problems
  6. Now, wait for him to call Rhondson, complete the dialogue, and you’ll finish the “Home on Arrange” quest.

We hope this guide helps you to complete the “Home on Arrange” side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Now that you know how to build a house, check out the best house designs guide in our TOTK section.