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Hogwarts Legacy New Game of Harry Potter RPG Coming To PS5 in 2021

It has been confirmed that the new game, Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry Potter RPG, will be set in the late 19th century, well before the adventures of Harry Potter, and it will release on PS5 in 2021.

Many fans were waiting for what Sony would show during today’s PlayStation Showcase and the company has disappointed yet. One of the great surprises of the digital event has been the announcement of the highly anticipated Harry Potter RPG available on PS5 under the title of Hogwarts Legacy in 2021.

So, according to the trailer shown (visible at the end of this news), all fans of the magical universe created by the writer JK Rowling will be able to enjoy this promising adventure on PlayStation 5, although it is expected to be confirmed for Xbox Series X as well.

As for what we have seen in the trailer of the game itself, we can anticipate that Hogwarts Legacy will place us well before the events narrated in the main saga, in the year 1800, and that we will have to face an ancient Death Eater who will lead a dangerous group of villains.

As for more details, like a good RPG, the Warner Bros title developed by Avalanche Software will allow us to increase the power of our magician as we progress through the game, being able to choose the skills to learn to fight against more powerful magical creatures.

Recall that Hogwarts Legacy is just one of the titles shown in this special Sony event related to PlayStation 5.

Check the official trailer of the game below.