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Harry Potter RPG To Release Late 2021 on PS5 & Xbox Series X – Report

There were some rumors about the Harry Potter RPG that were supported again today. The title is expected to be announced in the coming months and will release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X in late 2021. The unveiling is expected after the DC FanDome.

According to reports from Bloomberg, a third-person Harry Potter RPG will be developed by Avalanche Software and it will release in late 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series X.


As per the report, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are among the platforms planned for the release of the Harry Potter RPG game. Its official announcement should take place in August, after the digital event of DC Fandome, which will show news of movies, games, and series from DC Comics.

Another report indicated that WB Games, the publisher responsible for the game, intended to hold a pre-E3 conference for the first time. However, plans changed after the event was canceled.

It is worth mentioning that the game will be open world. The setting of Harry Potter RPG will be Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft that plays host to much of Harry’s story, and some nearby locations, which have not been specified.


JK Rowling, the creator of the book series, has “little direct involvement” with the game. Much of the report is dedicated to talking about how the game’s developers are uneasy about the controversy involving comments that led the author to be accused of transphobia.

The development of this Harry Potter RPG has been known to the public since 2018, when a supposed gameplay was leaked on the internet.

Recall that the RPG will be revealed in August at the DC Fandome digital event.