How to Fix Hitman 3 To Loyalty Bug? Solve Eliminate Don Archibald Yates Bug

You may come across two bugs during the “To Loyalty” challenge in Hitman 3. Here’s how to fix the Hitman 3 To Loyalty bugs.

While playing the To Loyalty challenge from the Mendoza mission, you will encounter a couple of bugs. This makes the task challenging as well as hectic to complete. Hence, we are here with this Hitman 3 To Loyalty bugs fix guide so that your progress does not halt while completing the Mendoza mission.

Hitman 3 To Loyalty – Eliminate Don Archibald Yates Bug Solution

Eliminate Don Archibald Yates Bug

The To Loyalty Task requires you to eliminate Don Archibald Yates by poisoning him. However, as mentioned, you will encounter two bugs during the challenge, and you need to solve both the Hitman 3 To Loyalty bugs to progress further. Here’s how to do it.

Hitman 3: Mendoza Waiter Conversation Issue Solution

While inside the wine cellar during the mission, a waiter will talk to Yates over the phone. This is essential as Yates will order the bottle of Grand Paladin. If the wine is not ordered, you won’t be able to eliminate your target with poison. However, according to few players, they are never able to hear the conversation. This might seem like a bug, but it isn’t.

The fix to this To Loyalty bug or issue is to complete the entire vineyard tour. If you visit the wine cellar before completing the entire tour, the conversation will never happen. Hence, enter the barrel after taking the tour and the issue will be solved.

Hitman 3: Mendoza Soldier Stuck Bug Fix

Once the conversation between the waiter and Yates is over, you will have to eliminate the former and take his outfit and the bottle of wine. After this Yates’ head of security will come to lead you to the meeting room. However, the bug here prevents this from happening. It will cause the security head to get stuck by a door.

If that happens, you need to reload the previous saved game to fix this Hitman 3 To Loyalty bug for eliminating Don Archibald Yates. Hence, ensure to save the game once you collect the wine bottle from the waiter.

That’s how you can solve both the Hitman 3 To Loyalty bugs. While here, ensure reading how to fix Hitman 3 connection failed error. Another irritating bug you may encounter while playing the game. Also, consider reading about Nightcrawler challenge and how to get new outfits in Hitman 3.