Does IO Interactive Plans To Keep Hitman 3 Episodic?

Want to know the new title from the Hitman franchise will be Episodic or not?

Hitman 3 is released on all major platforms. Agent 47 is back with his more polished skills to deal with some impossible to kill targets. The game features 6 new locations with tons of fresh things to explore. Keeping the Hitman series legacy as the ground, Hitman 3 seems to be more intense. But the question is does Hitman 2 is Episodic? If yes then what is the Hitman 3 Roadmap for 2021.

Is Hitman 3 Episodic?

Hitman 3 Episodes

Hitman 3 is not Episodic. IO Interactive plans to release the game with full content. The game features 6 primary missions and 1 Epilogue. It focuses on finding high-level targets. Nothing is easy in Hitman 3, Agent 47 will have to go through various challenges to finally reach its primary target. One mistake and he will be assassinated.

Hitman 3 will not be Episodic, instead the game launched with all the missions where Agent 47 travels into six different locations. Starting from the tallest building in Dubai to assassinate a high-level target. It is challenging and you are done with one you can proceed with finding another one. The story spans through six main missions which end with an epilogue.

It is not complicated to understand Hitman 3, the game mechanism is not completely changed. Neither it’s broken into different Episodes which will be released in the coming time. Players who already own Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 (2018) edition can carry forward their progress to the new Hitman 3. They can also import maps and levels. Hitman 3 also features PSVR compatibility allowing players with VR to have an immersive gameplay experience.

Hitman 3 Online Multiplayer Mode

Hitman 3 DLC

Two more questions that many want to know before buying the game is does Hitman 3 have a Multiplayer mode and second Is it an open-world game? You can refer to the links to find out the real answer. Hitman 2 came with a Sniper Assassin mode. A co-op multiplayer mode where two players can focus on killing one single target. But this was available to those who had pre-ordered the game.

Players had a time limit to take down targets and they can pick to be a Knight or Stone. But Hitman 3 has certain major changes in the gameplay. Bringing the IP back the game focus on getting more intense this time.