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Where to find High Quality Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise?

With Best Quality Pelts you can unlock Higher Ranks in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is not just about beating the monsters. With so many activities you will be facing tougher monsters as you level up. One of the fastest ways to level up your character is by farming the best quality pelts in the game. In this guide, I am going to help you with the same. Here is how to find top-quality pelts and unlock new levels in Monster Hunter Rise.

High-Quality Pelts Farming

There are two locations in Monster Hunter Rise to farm High-Quality Pelts. The first place to go is Shrine Ruins. Look for Kelbi who will drop Warm Pelt. It is not a super-rare pelt you can find Kelbi roaming around the mountains. Easy to kill, you can farm a lot of Warm Pelts if you find a horde of Kelbi’s grazing around.

Monster Hunter Rise Anteka

For the next high-quality pelt go to Forst Islands. Look for Anteka Antlers, they are the ones who will drop the second type of high-quality pelts that will help you to upgrade your armors and weapons. Anteka is a little tough to defeat compared to the Kelbi. They are stronger with huge horns and charge with full speed to throw you off the grounds.

Monster Hunter Rise Anteka

Both Kelbi and Anteka fall under the small monsters list. They will not put you into challenging fights. If you are highly focusing on upgrading your armor and weapons then you must trace down these monsters in Monster Hunter World.

With High-Quality pelts, you can craft S-Quality armors and weapons. You know which monsters to target to get the best quality pelts in the game. With them, there is more than a 40% chance you get the pelts.

Tips to Level up Hunter Rank:

Talk to Minoto at the Gathering Hub and complete the initial weapon tutorial quests. During the starting, you will have a low-rank quest and as you level up you will get a higher rank quest unlocked. All important quest is marked with red just follow up the same and you will level up faster. Complete all the key quests first and later you will get access to the urgent quests.

Gathering Hub is the place where you can find tons of quests and activities. The max rank of players in Monster Hunter Rise is 999, this means there is a lot of work. Always be with a buddy so that they can also level upon quest completion. Below are some instant tips to level up.

  • Complete 6 Urgent Missions
  • Beat the End-game Boss
  • Craft Armor Charm and Power Charm
  • Use Switch Skills
  • Try to Ride the Monsters
  • Play Rampage Quest

Hope this guide will help you in Monster Hunter Rise pelt farming and you can also learn how to level up your hunter rank. Refer to our Monster Hunter Rise guide section to get the latest tips and tricks o the game.