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New World 100 High CPU Usage & Temp Overheating Fix

Is there a fix available for New World 100 high CPU usage and high temp? Here's what a customer service representative suggested in the forum.

New World has the tendency to push your CPU to 100% and the temps skyrocket to over 80°C. Like many players, I have also faced this issue from time to time. Till last month my game always used to make my CPU temps reach high. But lately, I have noticed this issue is kind of solved now, but still, the CPU temperatures go high when I reach the town and other areas with high polygon count. I used to believe this was a bug, but going through many forums, other players believe this is not a bug but an issue with game code itself, which devs are trying to tackle with different workarounds. But is there any kind of fix available for this 100 high CPU usage and high temp overheating in the New World game?

How to Fix New World 100 High CPU Usage & Temp Overheating?


how to fix new world high cpu usage overheating

Currently, there are no fixes or solutions from devs for high CPU usage and overheating temp issues in New World. But the only workaround you can do is reduce the resolution and graphics quality before reaching these regions like the town that heat up your processor. I wish we had an official fix from the devs, cause apart from these and some other issues, the game is amazing. Many players have expressed their displeasure through Reddit and other forums. But an official fix is not available for players, yet.

Here’s what customer service representative StandorTheGreat suggested in the official forum to fix New World 100 high CPU usage and high temp overheating:

  1. Check to see whether your computer matches the minimum system requirements.
  2. Use the Steam Integrity Check option to see if there are any issues with your Steam installation.
  3. Check to see if your Windows installation is up to date and if any updates are due.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Remove New World from your computer and reinstall it.
  6. Easy Anti-Cheat should also be reinstalled.
  7. Try repairing Microsoft Visual C++.

You can try the above options but don’t get your hopes high as the next comment below this in form says that it did not help them. As of now the only way to get a permanent fix is to wait till the devs release one. When that happens, I will update this guide. While you are here, learn more about the Overwolf New World minimap addon mod.