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Elden Ring – How To Hide Your Character’s Helmet?

Learn how to hide your Character's Helmet in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring is an ARPG with a lot of tough battles & Boss Fights. As such, you will need to get the best Armor possible and that too as quickly as you can. You will get the best Chestpiece, Gloves, Helmet, etc. Some Armor in this game is so big that they cover up the entirety of your Player. What if you want to see your Character’s Face? Can you hide the Helmet? Well, to answer these questions, I have written this guide. In this guide, I will show you how to hide your Helmet in Elden Ring.

How To Hide Helmet In Elden Ring


hide helmet elden ring

Elden Ring has an option to hide your Helmet, but it is not like what you think it is. You will be able to hide the Helmet by opening up the Menu Page. From there navigate towards the Status Section & Press X for Xbox, Press Square for the PS, & Right-click and select to Hide option on PC. If you are unable to see the options to hide your Helmet, then click on the Swap Screen button. This will do the trick but it doesn’t hide it in actual gameplay. Rather, it just shows your Characters Face. If you really want to hide your Helmet in Elden Ring, you will have to unequip it.

That is the only option as there is no real way of hiding your Helmet, at least at the time of this article. FromSoftware may add this as a feature in a future update. This may not have been the answer you were looking for but this is how it is. You can make it work for at least when you are exploring the Lands Between but you will need your Helmet equipped for the Boss Fights. It won’t affect the outcome of the battle too much but it’s better to have it than not.


This was all about hiding your Helmet in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in answering your questions. You can also check out our guides on Trophy And Achievement List in Elden Ring.