Genshin Impact Update 1.3: All Hidden Achievements & How To Unlock Them

Here's a list of all of 13 secret achievements and how you can easily unlock them in Genshin Impact update 1.3. 

Genshin Impact update (1.3) has introduced a lot of new achievements into the game but most of them are hidden. Yes, players can only know about their existence when they are unlocked. Ever since the update 1.3 rolled out, there are tons of players who have been wondering how to unlock hidden achievements in Genshin Impact and if that’s you then look no further we have got everything covered.

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Genshin Impact Update 1.3: How to Unlock Hidden Achievements

Currently, there are 13 hidden achievements in Genshin Impact and each of them will give you 5 Primogems as a reward when they are unlocked. Making your work a lot easier, we have compiled a list of all of 13 secret achievements and how you can easily unlock them in Genshin Impact update 1.3.

  1. Melting Away: To get this secret achievement unlocked, you will have to beat a Cryo Cicine Mage when all her Cryo Cicins are alive.
  2. Lizard Spock:  In order to unlock this secret, you should have a get attacked by all three parts of the Electro Hypostasis’ rock-paper-scissors attack consecutively.
  3. And You Call Yourself One of the Four Winds: You will have to beat an Anemoboxer Vanguard.
  4. Core Meltdown: You should have the Blazing See destroyed by a Pyro Regisvine.
  5. Till Debt Do Us Part: When a Fatui Agent is in the stealth mode, you will have to go there and defeat them.
  6. Deflection: Make sure to use a shield to defend yourself from a Primo Geovishap’s Primordial Shower attack.
  7. You can Have Those Back!: Use Geo or similar kind of shield to defend a Geovishap’s Primordial Shower attack and deal immense DMG.
  8. Knockout: You will have to find a week point and attack when a Cryo Regisvine’s is performing its rotary spray attack.
  9. Back With The Wind: In a single battle, make sure to absorb a minimum of 10 Elemental Orbs created by the Anemo Hypostasis.
  10. A House Ill-Founded: To fall thrice by destroying the Basalt Comulm that it is on, you might need to use the same Geo Hypostasis.
  11. None Stand Secure:  To get it unlocked, you will have to force the Geo Hypostasis into its revival state. Make sure not to destroy any Basalt Columns.
  12. Touch and Go: Use Geo or the same type of shield to protect yourself from Geovishap’s charging attack.
  13. Penalty: Locate a red hilichurl nearby a water resource and force him into the water and wait until he digs Pyro Slimes.

That’s all you need to know about all secret achievements and how to unlock them in Genshin Impact update 1.3. While you are here, you might be interested in reading about how to get Royal Longsword and how to obtain Lithic Spear in Genshin Impact.