Heroes War Counterattack Tier List 2024

Heroes War Counterattack Character Tier List: Find out the rankings of the heroes and characters from best to worst in the game.

We have compiled the complete Tier List for Heroes War Counterattack characters. Scroll down and find out which are the best and worst characters in the game. Do remember that these rankings are completely based on our opinion of the game. With that being said let’s look at the character rankings.

Heroes War Counterattack Tier List

Heroes War Counterattack Tier List

Popo C Supporter Harz S – TIER
Tala C Ranger Union S – TIER
Examina S Ranger Harz S – TIER
Nadine S Tanker Harz A – TIER
Evelyn S Ranger Union A – TIER
Tarak A Dealer Harz A – TIER
Lakshmi A Supporter Harz A – TIER
Iron B+ Dealer Harz A – TIER
Kairos S+ Dealer Harz A – TIER
Shaka A Supporter Harz A – TIER
Chapman A Dealer Harz B – TIER
Craig C Dealer Harz B – TIER
Marisa C Dealer Union B – TIER
Bannon A Supporter Harz B – TIER
Ziv C Ranger Harz B – TIER
Christopher S+ Supporter Harz B – TIER
Amy C Ranger Harz B – TIER
Trevor C Dealer Union B – TIER
Robin A Dealer Union B – TIER
Maria C+ Supporter Union B – TIER
Scarlet C Ranger Union C – TIER
Farias A+ Ranger Harz C – TIER
Nakri S Ranger Harz C – TIER
Ayla S Supporter Union C – TIER
Agnes A+ Ranger Union C – TIER
Magnus C Tanker Harz C – TIER
Rosemary A Dealer Union C – TIER
Ekon C+ Dealer Harz C – TIER
Anastasia S Ranger Union C – TIER
Miles B+ Ranger Harz C – TIER
Anton A Dealer Union C – TIER
Barbara A Tanker Harz C – TIER
Rebecca B Ranger Union D – TIER
Regina A Dealer Harz D – TIER
Griselda B+ Supporter Harz D – TIER
Isaac C Ranger Union D – TIER
Madeline B Tanker Union D – TIER
Josephine B+ Supporter Union D – TIER
Irina C Ranger Harz D – TIER
Lucas B Dealer Union F – TIER
Robert B Ranger Union F – TIER
Siam B Ranger Harz F – TIER
Darcia B Tanker Harz F – TIER
Sonia C+ Supporter Union F – TIER
Murphy B Ranger Union F – TIER
Clara C Dealer Union F – TIER
Bothwell B Tanker Union F – TIER
Cain A Tanker Union F – TIER
Hanakrul S Tanker Union F – TIER
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