Heroes Of Crown Tier List

Here is the Tier list ranking all characters in Heroes of Crown from best to worst.

Players of Heroes of Crown are looking for a character Tier List. That is because there are a lot of characters for you to use in this Idle Strategy game. And while having many character options is good it can also feel daunting at times when it comes to picking a few from them. Don’t worry though in this guide we will check the Tier List for Heroes of Crown ranking characters from best to worst that is from S Tier to F Tier.

Heroes of Crown Tier List

tier list of characters for heroes of crown

Here is my Tier List for all characters in Heroes of Crown. Before we actually check the list it is fine if you don’t agree with it. Based on your play style or preferences you may like some characters and may feel they are placed in the wrong tier. That is fine as long as you enjoy playing with them. So let us jump into this list.

Hero Tier
Lord of Time S Tier
Celestial Spear S Tier
Baby Shark S Tier
Master Dragon A Tier
Shield of Partha A Tier
Tempest Dragon A Tier
Blazing Heart A Tier
Dragon Princess B Tier
Howling Wind B Tier
Eternal Flame B Tier
Daughter of the Sea B Tier
Might of Partha B Tier
Oni-Mak Ronin B Tier
Rose Princess B Tier
Endless Storm C Tier
Flower Frenzy C Tier
Sea Witch C Tier
Lord of Artemis C Tier
Frost Spirit C Tier
Night Owl C Tier
Blade of Storms D Tier
Daughter of Nature D Tier
Axe Berserker D Tier
Savage Beast D Tier
Water Sage D Tier
Ice Guard D Tier
Ancient Warlock D Tier
Devil Devourer D Tier
Iron Fist F Tier
Wandering Night F Tier
Fruit Candy F Tier
Halberd of Exile F Tier
Wild Huntress F Tier
Molten Fury F Tier
Astral Guardian F Tier

That covers this Heroes of Crown Tier List of all characters from best to worst. Also check out our other Tier Lists, if you found this list to be useful. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.