Hero Wars Strongford Quiz Answers (2023)

Here are all the answers for the Strongford Quiz in Hero Wars that you can use. 

Players can collect Quiz Tickets and answer the Strongford Quiz in Hero Wars to get Quiz Points. The Strongford Quiz is quite challenging and on three separate occasions, we found a new book of questions that we had to answer. Although there are surely more, we have mentioned some of the questions and answers that players will face in the Strongford Quiz once they use their tickets. Also, we have provided you with a way to get more questions and answers that others have encountered in their gameplay.

All Strongford Quiz Answers in Hero Wars

All Strongford Quiz Answers in Hero Wars

Here are all Strongford Quiz answers in Hero Wars:
  • Which Hero wears a hat in their Default Skin?
    • Sebastian
  • What’s the name of the demon confined within rufus’ shield?
    • Rakashi
  • Which avatar frame isn’t present in the game?
    • Tower Warden Frame
  • which temporary guild raid buff boosts the damage the team deals to nightmares?
    • Dreamer’s Retaliation
  • What do you do with chaos particles?
    • charge a pet’s gem
  • Which resource does not exist in the game?
    • Sanctity Insignia
  • Which hero doesn’t have a critical hit chance glyph?
    • Isaac
  • What is the daily items exchange limit for Guild Activity Points?
    • 2000
  • How many Hero Soul Stones does the Lesser Hero Soul Stone Chest contain?
    • 50
  • How much time has to pass before you can claim free energy in the daily quest again?
    • 1 hour
  • Which grand prize can be found in an Artifact Chest?
    • Chaos Cores and Artifact Coins
  • At which team level can you get Honorable Guardian Boxes for completing daily quest?
    • 130
  • Which bad habit is Rufus notorious for?
    • Drinking
  • Which Hero has a cat companion?
    • Astrid
  • Capturing which objective gives you the most points in the Guild War?
    • Citadel
  • Which one of the following Heroes doesn’t have a weapon in each hand?
    • Markus
  • What of the following was the last to appear in this game?
    • Adventures (if there are no adventures, then Titan Valley)
  • What can be purchased for Elemental Tournament Coins?
    • Titan Artifact Fragments
  • Which Stats does hero lack?
    • Accuracy
  • How many pets are available in the game?
    • 9
  • How do you unlock the Soul Shop?
    • Promote any hero to absolute star or get Cleaver
  • What resources do you need to buy stones for promoting pets?
    • Chaos Particle
  • Which of these Guild War fortifications must be conquered with titans?
    • Spring of Elements
  • What is Thea’s title?
    • Healer of the Old Grove
  • Which Hero role is not a part of the game?
    • Assassin
  • Which shop sells Titan Skin Stones?
    • Guild War Shop
  • Which resources can’t be obtained in the Outland?
    • Hero Soul Stones
  • What do you call a location in Adventure where you can pick a buff of your team?
    • Altar of Power
  • What cannot be obtained from chests in Adventures?
    • Pet Soul Stones
  • What is the name of the ice bird residing in Nordland?
    • Astrild
  • Which Outland boss resides in the Caves of Despair?
    • Illysa the Weaver
  • Which Outland boss resides in the Enslavers’ Camp?
    • Brog the Conqueror
  • Which Outland boss resides in the Fiery Abyss?
    • Vadjar the Incinerator
  • How can the Lesser Soul Stone Chest be obtained?
    • By logging in 28 days in a month

These are some of the Hero Wars Strongford Quiz answers that we have listed depending on our gameplay. There are certainly more questions and you can check out this Hero Wars site if you find your question to be missing from this list.

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