AC Valhalla: How To Help Braun Find The Pigs (Sigrblot Festival)

If you want to know how to help Braun in the Three Big Pigs activity in AC Valhalla's Sigrblot Festival, look no further because this article has you covered.

Three Big Pigs is one of the many new activities in the Sigrblot Festival in AC Valhalla, and this particular activity features Braun. You will need to help him find his pigs in this event, and in this article, we will show you exactly how you can do so.

How to Help Braun with the Pigs in AC Valhalla?

three big pigs sigrblot festival ac valhalla

You need to help Braun find the pigs that need to be sacrificed to the gods for the Sigrblot festival.

  • To kick off this event, you will first need to speak to Braun. You will find him to the east of Raventhorpe.
  • As you begin speaking to him, you will learn how he has quit drinking. During the conversation, Braun will also mention how he has lost his pigs that were supposed to be sacrificed to the gods for the festival.

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  • Your quest will be to locate these missing pigs. To do so, you will first need to find the crashed pig cart.
  • This cart will be located in the north at a distance of roughly around 60 meters from Braun’s position.
  • When you arrive at the crashed pig cart as Eivor, you will notice track marks that indicate that the pigs have run off into the nearby forest.
  • In order to track these pigs, you can send out your raven to spot them.
  • Once you do find a pig, it is pretty simple to get them to come to you. All you will need to do is whistle. Doing so will cause them to follow you back home.
  • To whistle, you will need to click the button that you usually use to call your mount, instead of pressing the button.
  • This will cause Eivor to whistle, drawing the pigs towards him.
  • Two of the pigs in this quest will be located a little further away from Ravensthorpe. We recommend you first get the pig that is closer and then look for the ones that are further away.
  • Also, on your way back to Braun will need to be aware of wolves.
  • Once you find all of the three pigs and get back to Braun, you will have a choice of three gods. These are Baldr, Thor, or Freyja. You will have to choose which god you want to make the sacrifice to. None of your choices will give you any specific rewards.

And this is how you help Braun find the pigs in AC Valhalla. As you can see, it is quite easy to complete this activity. All you need to do is be aware of the wolves you may encounter while getting the pigs back.

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