How To Help Addison In Tears Of The Kingdom (Hudson Sign Puzzle)

Suraj Nai
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In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK), you’ll come across Addison who can really use your help. This skinny little guy is President Hundson’s loyal worker and is trying to support his bosses’ good work by putting up signs. However, he is not able to make them stand and holds them up with his bare hands. But he can’t do that forever, as there are many more Hundson Construction signs he has to put up. So as a hero of Hyrule, help Addison to support the Hundson sign and make them stand using your creativity.

How Can I Help Addison with Hudson Signs in Tears of the Kingdom

Help Addison make the Hudson Signs Stand In Tears of the Kingdom Zelda TOTK
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In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you can help Addison by using the Ultrahand ability and ensuring the signs don’t fall again. To do that, look for abandoned construction materials nearby, like planks, poles, Lumber, Stone & more. Once found use the ability to form support for the Hundson Construction Signs. Here all you have to do is make sure the sign stays stood only until you ask Addison to let it go.

Hudson Signs Stand locations TOTK
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So there’s no need to make a fancy stand, as there are more than 20 stands around the Kingdom of Hyrule that you have to work on. And as you keep progressing the puzzles will keep getting quite difficult. In which the materials and base will not be good enough to make the Sign stand. So avoid putting a lot of effort into the easy ones and get done with it as soon as you can. If you’re having trouble with supporting the Hudson signs then scroll down for some construction tips.

How to Make Hudson Signs Stand in TOTK (Construction Tips)

How to Make Hudson Signs Stand TOTK (Construction Tips)
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Here are some tips to help Addison and make the Hudson Signs stand in different locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

  • The sign usually falls opposite side of where Addison is standing. So let the sign drop once and see on which sides the support is required.
  • Once you’re aware of the possible falling side, make an L wall supporting the sign if you have planks.
  • If you only have wood then use the Lumber to support the Sign from every side.
  • Just like these, there’ll be many tricky puzzles, but as the task is pretty easy, you’ll be good to go.

After helping Addison with one sign, he rewards you with 20x Rupees, 1x Meal, & 1x Rare ingredient for each sign. And as there are many of the Hudson signs in different locations it can be a good way to farm in-game resources.

That’s all you need to know about how you can help Addison with Hudson signs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you haven’t got your hands on the Master Sword, then check out how you can get it. Also, take a look at the best Weapons to use in Zelda TOTK.