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Helicopter Location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Helicopters are now available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and it makes a perfect getaway vehicle that you can use to escape the storm or just to joy ride from one point to another. Update 12.20 brought this new feature to Fortnite and this guide will show you the location of helicopters in Fortnite.

Helicopter Location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Helicopters will certainly come in handy if you are deep in the storm or if you just want to take on enemies in the game with a height advantage, having a helicopter in Fortnite makes for some hilarious moments and will also save your life.

Fortnite has slowly been reshaping its map with newer game modes coming and bringing small changes that build up to become a completely new identity itself. The helicopter is one such vehicle that is a huge factor for the change in Fortnite and it will forever reshape how people play Fortnite in the near future.

If you want to search for a helicopter the following places are certain to have one waiting just for you, be careful as many players will try to get their hands on this vehicle in the game.

The best place to look for helicopters in Fortnite is to land at places that have “The” in their prefix. Places like The Rig, The Yacht, The Shark, The Agency are some of the best places but not only that there are other places too that you can get your hands on and we have listed all of them below

You can check this map to know exactly where to land to get your hands on a helicopter:

fortnite helicopter location

The Rig: Once you get to the east side of the Rig, you will be able to spot the helipad which will have a helicopter waiting for you.

Frenzy Farm: Go to the east side of Frenzy Farm, near the public toilet which leads to a safe house.

Holly Hedges: Head north from Holly Hedges and look between Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.

The Yacht: All you have to do is go to the west side of the floating landmark near the Yacht.

The Shark: Once you land at the Shark, just go north-west and you will find your helicopter there.

Craggy Cliffs: Find the Shadow Safe House on the east side of Craggy Cliffs and you will find the helipad.

Pleasant Park: Head south from Pleasant Park and go to where the Football pitch used to be, there is a new helipad there.

The Agency: Simply go to the south from The Agency and you will find the helipad.

The Grotto: The helicopter is waiting for you right in the epicenter of The Grotto.

Misty Meadows: Land near the north side of Misty Meadows and go towards the safe house on the bigger island nearby.

Weather Station: This one is easier to find as all you have to do is go west from the Weather Station near Mount Kay’s peak.

Having a helicopter makes for a more invested and fun gaming experience and Epic Games have been notorious in implementing new methods to make sure that the experience of Fortnite is always fresh and fun.

You can check out these clips submitted by users on Reddit that show some of the awesome gameplay.

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This is all there is to know about the location of helicopters in Fortnite.