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Hearthstone Deck Tracker Not Working & Can’t Detect Cards Fix

Here are some quick ways you can fix the Hearthstone Deck Tracker when it isn't working properly.

Many players are facing issues of the Hearthstone Deck Tracker not working or detecting cards and need a fix. For those that don’t know it is a tracker that tracks and manages your and enemy’s decks automatically. And it can be a bit infuriating to not be able to use such a handy tool. But worry not, below we have some solutions to get it working again.

How to Solve Hearthstone Deck Tracker Not Working

Hearthstone Deck Tracker can't detect cards fix

  • Restart HDT and Hearthstone: This is the most basic fix that can work out pretty well for most players. Simply close Hearthstone and HDT. Now start it again and it should work.
  • Install .NET Framework 4.5: If your .NET Framework is of an older version then HDT won’t work. So update it to at least version 4.5 or higher and restart them both.
  • Upgrade your Graphics Drivers: Having incompatible graphics drivers can also be the cause of this issue. Update your graphics drivers or reinstall them if they already were latest. Once that is done restart your PC and try playing now and HDT should now detect cards.
  • Reinstall Hearthstone: This fix works especially well if you have been playing since the game’s Beta.
  • Set up the log.config file: HDT uses log.config file for information that it gets from Hearthstone.
    1. Simply go to your Hearthstone file directory. You can press Windows + R and run this “%LocalAppData%/Blizzard/Hearthstone” to get there directly.
    2. Here use any text editor to open the log.config file and paste the contents as instructed on their GitHub page. If this file doesn’t exist then you can create it and paste these.
    3. Now restart Hearthstone.
  • Set the correct Hearthstone path in HDT: You can manually do this from the tracker’s config.xml file. This is what you have to do for it:
    1. Press Windows + R and run “%AppData%/HearthstoneDeckTracker”.
    2. Here, look for “<HearthstoneDirectory>GamePathHere</HearthstoneDirectory>”.
    3. Paste the correct path here.
    4. Restart Hearthstone and HDT and it should work now.
  • Add Hearthstone and HDT to your Antivirus whitelist: When these two are blocked by your Antivirus it can create problems for the game to generate log files. Simply whitelist them and they should work normally again.

These were all the fixes that should help you use HDT again properly. For more things Hearthstone check out our Deck Tier List and the Game not Starting error fix.