Hearthstone Deck Tier List October 2023

Here is the Tier List of the best and worst Decks in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone is a digital card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment that is built around the lore of Warcraft. In Hearthstone, you face another player in a turn-based battle with a deck of 30 cards. Each of these cards has unique abilities & powers. Some cards are very powerful and are the center of their decks while other cards are used to support those cards. There are different types of Decks in Hearthstone and each can be customized to fit the Players’ playstyle. The META around these Decks of Hearthstone changes every so often. So in today’s guide, I will show you the best Hearthstone Deck Tier List.

Hearthstone Deck Tier List

hearthstone decks

Currently, a few decks are popular, and here is the Hearthstone Tier List.

Tier Deck Name
S Quest Warrior
S Libram Paladin
S Beast Druid
S Freeze Elemental Shaman
A Aggro Druid
A Aggro Elemental Shaman
A Beast Hunter
A Bolner OTK Shaman
A Buff Paladin
A Clown Druid
A Deathrattle Demon Hunter
A Elemental Shaman
A Face Hunter
A Freeze Shaman
A Ping Mage
A Poison Rogue
A Quest Hand Warlock
A Quest Rogue
A Quest Shaman
A Thief Rogue
B Bear Hunter
B Big Paladin
B Big Demon Hunter
B Big Spell Mage
B Fel Demon Hunter
B Handbuff Paladin
B Mozaki OTK Mage
B Quest Hunter
B Quest Paladin
B Ramp Druid
B Secret Thief Rogue
C Anacondra Druid
C Big Priest
C Burn Shaman
C Control Warlock
C C’Thun Druid
C Miracle Priest
C No Minion Mage
C OwlTK Warlock
C Quest Druid
C Quest Mage
C Quest Priest
C Quest Warlock
C Zoo Warlock

As we can see in the Hearthstone Tier List, S-Tier has the Best decks in Hearthstone at the moment where each of them has over 55% Winrate with Quest Warrior having a 59.08% win rate. The A-Tier in the List consists of great Decks in Hearthstone so you can’t go wrong in picking them. The B-Tier in the List consists of decent Decks in Hearthstone. They are not the best nor the worst. C-Tier consists of the Worst Decks possible aside from random and bad decks.

What are the Types of Decks?

quest warrior hearthstone deck
Image Source – HSReplay.net

Like other online digital collectible card games, there are a few types of Decks that each deck in Hearthstone will come under. Those are Aggro Decks, Midrange Decks, & Control Decks. Each of the above Hearthstone Decks in the Tier List falls in one of these categories.

  • Aggro Decks:
    • These Decks are aggressive Decks that apply pressure to the enemy from the early game. Usually, these decks are cheap and they are meant to overwhelm the enemy Strats. If done correctly, you can win a game in a relatively short time.
  • Control Decks:
    • They are the complete opposite of Aggro decks. Control Decks are slow-paced consisting of heavy Mana cards and a lot of Spells and Effect Cards to deny and counter the enemy’s gameplan.
  • Midrange Decks:
    • These Decks fall somewhere in between the first two types. They are not that fast but are not the slowest either. It is perfect for Dust Management and gaining control of the Board.

Like a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Aggro Decks will beat Midrange Decks but falls to Control Decks. Midrange Decks is weak to Aggro Decks but is perfect to counter Control Decks. Control Decks is strong against Aggro Decks while it cannot keep up with Midrange Decks. Whenever the META of Hearthstone changes and these deck types become popular, their counters will also gain popularity.

This was the Tier List of Hearthstone Decks. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List & Hearthstone Hunter’s Arena Tier List.