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How To Find And Use Heals In Mortal Shell

Restoring your HP will let you stay alive in the game and deal with the enemies, a guide on how to heal

Heals in Mortal Shell are a rare commodity so you will need to know exactly how to heal yourself in the game. An RPG like Souls will leave you with little to no resources, so make sure that you check out how to heal in Mortal Shell.

How To Find And Use Heals In Mortal Shell

One of the biggest challenges about an RPG game like Mortal Shell is that you will have to save up your resources and use your skills in battles to make sure that you succeed.

  • The heals you find will be far and low and this guide will show you exactly how you can get your hands on healing materials in Mortal Shell.
  • Different consumable items have different healing powers, each item will regenerate your health over time.

To begin with, you can start healing yourself by picking up some of the items you pick up from the ground, from the bodies of the people you kill, loot chests, and traders.


One of the first healing items you find in the game is the Weltcap. While not the absolute best in healing every little thing works. Using the Weltcap will help you regenerate 40 health over 60 seconds.

  • You can get more healing items by raiding the little camp in Falgrim Outskirts up on a hill near the center of the map.
  • Pick up all the items that enemies drop and you can find things like a Baguette that can also help you get a bit of your health back in Mortal Shell. Other than that, the trader that you get to meet at the end of the Falgrim Outskirts will happily sell you healing items like a Roasted Rat for 100 Tar.
  • Different items have different rates of healing you up and you will need to inventory them accordingly, make sure to stock up on things that give you an immediate boost of health and also those that heal you up over time.

You can check the list down below to see all the healing items in Mortal Shell:

  • Weltcap: Regenerate 40 health over 60 seconds.
  • Roasted Rat: Regenerate 30 health over 25 seconds. Those familiar heal for 10 more.
  • Baguette: Regenerate a small amount of health.

Every time you die in Mortal Shell, especially in the Falgrim Outskirts you will have to start right from the beginning, so it is absolutely necessary to play with a little caution and take few risks.

If you find your body where you last lost your lift, you can immediately regain all of your health back. Whenever you get knocked out of your shell in combat, you will have a short time before you can get back into your shell.

Doing this will help you regain all your health back and this will give you another chance at beating your enemies.

Parry Attacks

Another neat little trick is to parry your enemy’s attacks, every successful parry that you carry out will regenerate your health, but you will have to know exactly when to parry and this will take some practice.

  • To regenerate your health by parrying you will need some Resolve available and you can fill the resolve meter up by killing enemies, so it is best to keep an eye on it.
  • Once you successfully complete the Falgrim Outskirts area, you will be able to get to the Catacombs and there you can speak to Sester Genessa and heal yourself.

This is all there is to know about how to heal yourself in Mortal Shell, this is a really tough game and you will need all help you can get.

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