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How To Heal In Dark And Darker

Here's a simple guide on how to heal in Dark and Darker.

In Dark and Darker, you will participate in unforgiving combat, so it’s important to know how to heal. In this FPS fantasy game, you will be exploring dungeons for treasures. But they are filled with monsters, traps, and other treasure seekers like you. So even if you survive one fight, you might be forced into another just around the corner. And with the damage from the previous fight, you will barely have a chance to survive. Since this is a new game, players are still learning about combat mechanics. This guide will tell you all about restoring health in this game.

How to Heal in Dark and Darker

Buy potions and bandages in Merchant Tab

Because of the brutal combat, the devs have added several ways to restore health in this game. It can depend on the class you are choosing or how far you have explored the dungeon. The best way to heal in Dark and Darker is to use Potions and Bandages. They are not exclusive to a class or a location and you can stack up on them. So after every fight, you can use them to restore your health. That being said, here are all the ways you can regenerate health in this game.

  • Field Rations (Ranger-class Ability)
  • Second Wind (Fighter-class Ability)
  • Spells (Cleric-class Ability)
  • Healing Potions
  • Bandages
  • Shrines

If you choose the Ranger Class, you can use his Field Rations ability to restore health by consuming food. The Fighter is the basic melee-based class. Its Second Wind ability regenerates 50% over 12 seconds. If you favor playing support characters, then Cleric is the class for you. Using his spells in Dark and Darker, you can heal yourself as well as your comrades. To get Potions and Bandages, you can visit the Alchemist and the Surgeon in the Merchants tab respectively. Or you can loot them in the dungeons. And lastly, you can restore health by interacting with the Shrines. These appear as glowing white orbs in the hands of a statue and you will find many of them throughout the dungeons.

That’s everything from us on how to heal in Dark and Darker. If you want to receive less damage in a fight, then check out our How to Block guide on GamerTweak.