How To Block In Dark And Darker

Here's a simple guide on how to block in Dark & Darker.

Knowing how to block in Dark and Darker is crucial for survival. In this Action-Adventure game developed by IRONMACE, you can select a class and explore dungeons full of enemies. If you are someone who likes to play with melee-based characters, then knowing combat mechanics is a must. Along with monsters, you will also face other players lurking in corners. Since this is a new game, players are looking for ways to learn how to fight. This guide will tell you about blocking their attacks so you get the window to attack or escape.

How to Block in Dark and Darker

Block by using the Right-Click button on the mouse

First of all, you will need to equip a shield. If you don’t have one, then you can explore and loot the dungeons to get one. There are four kinds of shields and the major difference between them is the size.

  • Round Shield
  • Buckler
  • Pavise
  • Heater Shield

To block in Dark and Darker, you have to equip any shield and press the Right-Click button to bring it up. You can hold the button to keep the shield raised. That way you will be safe from most attacks. However, if you are facing another player instead of the NPC monsters, then it becomes a whole different game. Here, your angle of blocking comes into play. You can raise the shield and move the mouse around to stop an attack coming from a different angle. Your opponents can move around and try to find a gap in your defense. So, apart from knowing how to stop the attack, you will have to practice it many times to be successful.

One trick you can use against the Barbarian Class is to block and back peddle. However, it won’t work against a Rogue Class. Similarly, you can try new methods of stopping or avoiding an attack.

The game is brutal with random spawns. You can spawn right next to monsters or in an empty hallway with an enemy. So knowing how to hold your own will help you survive longer.

That’s everything covered on how to block in Dark and Darker. For more helpful guides like How to Use Spells, visit GamerTweak soon.