How To Heal During Battle And Meditation In The Witcher 3

Here's a simple guide on how to heal during battle and use the meditation mechanic in The Witcher 3.

Meditation in Witcher 3 helps to heal Geralt, but many players are looking for ways to restore health during battle. In this massive RPG, Geralt fights many fearsome enemies and monsters. As you progress through the story, you will take on tougher contracts and explore treacherous landscapes. To survive this ordeal, it is important to know various ways of regenerating health. This guide will help you to do so in and out of battles.

Healing During Battles and Meditation in Witcher 3

Use Swallow Potion to heal in a battle in Witcher 3

In this game, some fights against the monsters can be intense. You may find yourself in tricky situations with very low health. However, the game is filled with resources you can use to gain an edge over your foes. And that includes restoring health in a battle. Here’s how you can do it.

Heal During Battle Using Food and Potions

Food is largely available in Witcher 3, and you can get it in multiple ways. You can hunt animals like deer and pigs to get meat, buy it from various Inns, or just loot around. When consumed during a battle, it will heal you for a short window of time. The same works with drinks but be careful before consuming them as some contain alcohol. Also, they will regenerate a small portion of your health so it’s best you use them against hordes of weak enemies.

Consuming potions is the best method of healing during battles, but there are some side effects. First, you will need diagrams for the potions, and you can buy them at Alchemy Stores and from Herbalists. After obtaining them, you will need materials to craft these potions. This may seem like too much work, but they are worth it against strong enemies. When consumed, these potions restore a large portion of your health. But don’t use them frequently or all at once, as they can poison Geralt and have an undesired effect.

Meditation in Witcher 3

If you are left with low health after defeating an enemy, then using consumables is a waste. Instead, you can use the Meditation mechanic to restore lost health. However, it doesn’t work in difficulty levels above Story and Sword. Meditating for an hour will restore Geralt’s health to full. On top of that, if you have alcohol in your inventory, it will replenish your potions as well. Another advantage is it will reduce your toxicity level to zero so that you are free to use potions again.

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