How To Heal And Revive Allies In Wasteland 3

Heal and revive your allies to win Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 is an RPG and like all the other RPGs, taking damage and healing is an important part of the game. The game allows players to heal themselves as well as other members of the squad and also revive them. If you can heal and revive allies in Wasteland 3, the chances of winning and progressing quickly in the game increase greatly. If you don’t know how to do so, you are in the right place. This guide will walk you through how to heal and revive allies in Wasteland 3.

How to Heal And Revive Companions in Wasteland 3

How to Heal Allies in Wasteland 3

There are different ways to heal your allies in the game. The first is to use a doctor. You can either use any doctor or the one at Ranger HQ if you have recruited any. You can recruit a doctor after completing the Full House mission. If you have a doctor at Ranger HQ and you use him for healing, it will not cost you anything. But, if you use any random doctor, then you will have to pay for the services.

The second way is to heal them using the healing items. You can use various healing items based on your First Aid skill level. When your allies’ CON is low, hit the belt on the screen and select a healing item to use. An alternative way is to head to the inventory and choose the healing item to heal allies in Wasteland 3. Some of the healing items that you can use includes:

  • Med Hypos
  • Medic Pack
  • Snacks
  • Suture Kit
  • Doctors

How to Revive Allies in Wasteland 3

When your allies’ CON goes down to zero, they are incapacitated. Once this is done, you have a limited amount of time to revive them. If you are able to revive allies within this time, they will be back in the fight, or else their journey will come to an end. To revive allies in Wasteland 3, you will have to spend Action Points (AP).

To revive allies simply click on them when your turn comes. This will display the total amount of AP required to revive them and the revive action button. If you have the AP, click on the button to revive the selected ally.

Once you know how to heal and revive allies in Wasteland 3, you will be able to easily take down dangerous enemies. There are also ways to make your character and squad stronger and prevent a situation where you will have to heal or revive them. One of these ways is to mod weapons and armor in Wasteland 3 and the other is to find and collect all creepy dolls in the game.