Haze Piece Fishing Guide

Use this Haze Piece fishing guide to learn all about this activity of the game. There are plenty of ways to earn money in Haze Piece, and fishing is probably one of the easiest among them. You can catch a variety of fish and then sell them to earn hundreds and thousands. Catching fish will not only ensure the money supply but will also give you EXP.

This Haze Piece guide covers everything from the location of the NPC that gives you items for fishing to the price and way of catching fish. So read along to learn all you can do to relax and become wealthy.

How to Buy Fishing Rods in Haze Piece

Buy Fishing Rods in Haze Piece
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To catch fish you need to first purchase the rod from the Fishing Rod Merchant, Fisherman Puzrat of the Haze Piece. This merchant can be found on Starter Island.

  • To find this merchant take left from the AFK Rewards area. Keep walking straight and then jump down from the left side.
  • You will see two NPCs standing on the dock: Fisherman Charles and Fisherman Puzrat.
  • Approach Fisherman Puzrat and Interact with him.
  • He will show you the available rods.
  • Select the rod you want to purchase and pay to get them.

Haze Piece Fishing System

  • Equip the rod from your inventory.
  • Get near the water and tap on the water to throw the line.
  • Once the fish takes the bait you will see a red exclamation mark over your head.
  • Reel it by tapping. You will see a small bar on the bottom that shows how near or far the fish is from you. It is a very thin bar right above your moves.

Haze Piece Fishing Rods and Prices

  • Wooden: Requires 5000 cash
  • Rare: Need to pay 50 Gems and be at level 350
  • Legendary: Gamepass exclusive and costs 599

This is all for the Haze Piece fishing guide. We have covered many topics from this game. So if you are curious about them, read how to get all swords and the Devil Fruit tier list.