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How To Hatch Eggs In ARK

Here is how you can hatch eggs in ARK.

There are a lot of cool things that you can do in the survival game of ARK. Some of these are a bit tedious and require a lot of care but they are worth it. Learning to incubate and hatch eggs is one of the more cumbersome tasks. However, it is easier than tracking, tranquilizing, and feeding the creatures before they are tamed. In this guide, we will show you how to breed, incubate and hatch eggs in ARK.

How to Get, Incubate & Hatch Eggs in ARK


How To Hatch Eggs

Hatching eggs is also the process of incubating eggs in the game.

Which Eggs Can I Hatch in ARK?


You can only hatch eggs that have come from creatures that are non-mammalian and have bred. This means that even though you may find eggs in the wild, they are unhatchable. These wild eggs are unhatchable because they are unfertilized. This makes them best for cooking in the game. You can only hatch eggs of dinosaurs that have bred.

How to Breed in ARK?

To breed non-mammalian animals, you will need to make sure that you have two creatures that are of the same species but also of the opposite sex. After that, you will need to fulfill these conditions:


Enable the following on the creatures that you want to tame:

  • Wandering
  • Mating (Make sure that both have not mated recently)

Next, you will have to make sure that they are not spayed or neutered


  • Now, at the expected time of mating, the creature cannot be following anything (including you)
  • Their inventory shouldn’t be full
  • You must not mount the creature

Once all of these have been fulfilled, you will be able to mate the two creatures. If you are successful, red hearts will appear on top of their heads as they begin mating.

Once completed, the female will drop an egg that you will be able to pick up. You can now take the egg for incubation. This is how you can breed in ARK.

How to Incubate/Hatch Eggs

Each egg has a different condition to hatch. You will need to be aware of these conditions if you want to hatch your eggs properly. All of the non-mammalian types have a different incubation time and temperature that they must be in to hatch properly. Once completed, the egg will hatch on its own.

Given below is the temperature for every species in the game.

Species Min. Temp (F) Max. Temp (F)
Allosaurus 79 90
Anglerfish -103 167
Ankylosaurus 61 68
Araneo 39 54
Archaeopteryx 61 68
Argentavis 54 56
Arthropluera 64 72
Baryonyx 84 95
Beelzebufo 32 122
Bloodstalker 81 86
Carbonemys 86 93
Carnotaurus 79 90
Compy 75 90
Crystal Wyvern 167 185
Deinonychus 176 194
Dilophosaur 82 90
Dimetrodon 86 93
Dimorphodon 95 100
Diplocaulus 32 122
Diplodocus 79 84
Dodo 72 86
Electrophorus 32 122
Featherlight 84 90
Gallimimus 75 82
Giganotosaurus 109 111
Glowtail 86 93
Hesperornis 72 86
Ichthyornis 84 90
Iguanodon 75 82
Kairuku 72 86
Kaprosuchus 84 95
Kentrosuarus 75 86
Lymantria 95 100
Lystrosaurus 75 82
Maewing 72 79
Magmasaur 194 230
Mantis 95 100
Megachelon -103 167
Megalosaurus 79 90
Microraptor 75 82
Morellatops 72 82
Moschops 61 68
Oviraptor 79 86
Pachy 75 82
Pachyrhinosaurus 72 82
Parasaur 75 82
Pegomastax 82 90
Pelagornis 84 90
Pteranodon 84 90
Pulmonoscorpius 54 61
Quetzal 41 43
Raptor 68 82
T-Rex 90 93
Rock Drake -130 -112
Sarco 86 93
Snow Owl 54 56
Spino 86 90
Stegosaurus 72 82
Tapejara 84 90
Terror Bird 68 82
Therizinosaur 79 90
Thorny Dragon 72 82
Triceratops 72 82
Troodon 82 90
Tropeognathus 84 90
Tusoteuthis 32 122
Velonasaur 82 90
Voidwyrm 176 194
Vulture 95 100
Wyvern 176 194
Yutryannus 90 93

Best Ways to Incubate in ARK

While you can incubate the egg in many ways, there are some that are better than others. Here are a few ways to incubate and maintain your egg at a stable temperature.

  • Campfires And Torches
  • Air Conditioners
  • Egg Incubator

Among these, the safest and easiest way to incubate is through the egg incubator. Keep checking to make sure that your egg is incubated at the right temperature.

How to Check the Temperature of the Egg?

You can check the temperature of the egg by going to your inventory. On the right hand of your panel, you will see the current temperature of the room in either Celcius or Fahrenheit.

This was your guide on how to hatch eggs in ARK. If you liked this article then check out this one on how to tame Dung Beetles in ARK.