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Callisto Protocol: Hardest Enemies & How To Defeat Them

Here are the hardest enemies in Callisto Protocol and how you can beat them.

There are quite a number of enemies in the Callisto Protocol. But not all of them are equally tough. While all of them may have their own attack styles, some are just more annoying than others. So in this guide check out the hardest enemies in The Callisto Protocol and how to beat them.


How to Beat the Hardest Enemies in Callisto Protocol

the callisto protocol hardest enemies list

There are essentially 10 different types of enemies in this game but out of all of them, I feel these are the hardest to deal with:

  • Security Robot
  • Biophage Rusher
  • Spitter

Here is what each enemy does and how you can beat them:


Security Robot – Hardest Enemy in The Callisto Protocol

This is probably the hardest enemy to deal with. This is thanks to them being able to kill you with attacks that in most cases cause instant death. And if that wasn’t all they are also immune to your melee attacks. The good thing is you won’t come across them throughout the game as frequently as some other enemies. But when you do here is how you should beat them:

Attack the Security Robot by shooting its head. You should particularly try aiming for its eyes. While you can use any gun, Hand Cannon is a good against it. Upon successfully killing it the Robot will say shutting down.


Biophage Rusher

Biophage Rushers are annoying enemies in this game because of two main reasons. Firstly, they are very fast. And if that wasn’t enough then they also have the ability to turn invisible. Now imagine an invisible enemy climbing up walls just to ambush you. That is exactly what rushers do. But the good thing is they do show up before attacking so you need to have quick reflexes to beat them.

You should shoot Rushers to kill them as soon as you spot one. The recommended gun for it is GRP.



Spitters are nothing but a bigger variant of Biophages that as the name suggests spit acid at you. The reason they are annoying is that they too get to use ranged attacks. The best way to counter them is to shoot their heads off before they get to spit at you. And the gun that works best for it is the Hand Cannon.

That covers this guide on the 3 hardest enemies in The Callisto Protocol and how to defeat them. Since you like playing this game I suggest you also check out our other The Callisto Protocol guides for it.