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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where To Find Happiny

This is where people can find the rare Pokemon Happiny in Legends Arceus.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will be tasked to find and catch every Pokemon and add them to your Pokedex. The game has a huge open-world map with five biomes. It is fun to roam around and catch your favorite Pokemons. Although, if you are a determined player, you will find it difficult to catch some of them. These rare Pokemons have a very low spawn rate and are only available in certain biomes. One of them is the normal type PlayhousePokemon, Happiny. If you too want to add Happiny to your Pokedex then look no further. In this article, we will tell you where to find Happiny in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Happiny in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon legends arceus Happiny

You can find Happiny in four out of the five biomes in this game. These biomes are:

  • Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Crimson Mirelands
  • Cobalt Coastlands
  • Alabaster Icelands

Obsidian Fieldlands

You can find Happiny in the Eastern parts of this biome near the Oreburrow tunnels and the Obsidian Falls. You can also find them near the Worn Bridge in the Horseshoe Plains.

Crimson Mirelands

In this Pokemon Legends Arceus biome, Happiny is spawned above the Cottonsedge Praire on the East.

Cobalt Coastlands

You can catch Happiny in the Southern parts of this biome at Hideaway Bay. You can also find them at the Tombolo Walk Island.

Alabaster Icelands

In this icy biome, you can find Happiny in the South-Western parts like the Arena’s Approach and the Avalanche Slopes.

You can start your adventure to find and capture Happiny at these Spawn Locations. Keep in mind that Happiny is a rare spawn so even if you know the locations, it might be a while before you come across one.

That’s all from us on where to find Happiny in Pokemon Legends Arceus. We have more helpful guides like How to Get Cranidos and How to Find Alpha Garchomp in our Pokemon Legends Arceus section so check it out soon.