How To Get Hammer Shot & Blaze In Warframe

Check out this guide to know how to get your hands on the Hammer Shot & Blaze Mod in Warframe.

Are you looking to obtain a Hammer Shot Mod or Blaze Mod in Warframe? If yes, then you have just arrived at the place as this guide has everything you need. Both of these Mods can be applied to a weapon to receive its respective benefits. A Hammer Shot Mod can be applied to a Rifle, whereas, a Blaze goes with a Shotgun. Since the game does not give any follow-up instructions, acquiring them can get confusing. That being said, here’s a guide that features the steps to get Hammer Shot and Blaze.

How to Obtain Hammer Shot & Blaze in Warframe

How to Obtain Hammer Shot & Blaze in Warframe

Both Hammer Shot & Blaze can be obtained by completing Nightmare Missions. For those who don’t know, Nightmare Missions are unlocked after completing all the missions on a planet. Each planet has different Rotation Rewards(A, B, and C) that contain different Mods to obtain. Hammer Shot and Blaze are a part of the A Rotation Rewards. Nightmare Missions on Planet Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury contain ‘A Rotation Rewards’. So, complete Nightmare Missions on these Planets to possibly earn a Hammer Shot or Blaze in Warframe.

A Hammer Shot Mod increases the Critical Multiplier and Status Chance of a Rifle. On the other hand, when applied on a Shotgun, the Blaze Mod increases its Damage and Heat Damage. Other A Rotation Rewards include an Accelerated Blast, Chilling Reload, Ice Shot, Stunning Speed, and Wildfire.

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That is pretty much everything you can do to obtain the Hammer Shot Mod or Blaze Mod in Warframe. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guide Necramech Mods Farming, Primed Mods, and Galvanised Mods in Warframe. Moreover, you can also take a look at our Warframe category for more such content on Gamer Tweak.