Halo Infinite Demo Will Run On PC Instead Of Xbox At E3 2019

We all know that a new Halo game has been in development for quite some time now and we know it is titled Halo Infinite but in a bizarre twist of events, this year E3 event might see us getting a Halo demo for PC instead of the traditional Xbox.

It is being speculated that the Halo Infinite will be a next-gen console and that the demo will be showcased on a PC with an Xbox controller. Microsoft has created a major franchise with the Halo series and till now they have been Xbox exclusives which is about to be changed as Halo Infinite was developed with keeping PC players in mind.

The demo that we get to see will hopefully replicate the retail version and that the release dates of the game, as well as the new console, is revealed at E3 this year.

Along with Halo, it is rumored that Fable 4 might be revealed too and without Sony at E3 this year, Microsoft will have most of the spotlight on them.

Not a lot of information is revealed as of yet, but as we keep getting closer to E3, leaks seem to appear often and that a major reveal will be reserved for E3.

We will keep updating as and when we have additional information about Halo Infinite and the new Xbox console which is named Project Skarlet.