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Rumors suggest that Halo Master Chief Collection Could Come For PC

Halo series is one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry, a series which spans over a multiple of titles and one which has inspired a ton of games in its aftermath never really got a multi-platform release. Halo series has been one of the key elements in people purchasing an Xbox Console, but that seems to be changing as there are rumors of Halo Master Chief Collection being launched for the PC as well.

The Master Chief Collection has all the single player games in the series which truly define the story of our most beloved character from an Xbox exclusive title. Though fans have been asking for years now it seems that it could be made available according to tech journo Brad Sams. He said,

 “Microsoft’s open secret is that they’ve been working on the Master Chief Collection for the PC, and I’m hearing that that’s getting close to release.”

Halo Infinite is confirmed for PC so this will not come as a shock but a welcome move on the part of the developers of Halo as they are finally paying heed to the requests of their PC community.

Until now PC players could only get their hands on the first two titles in the Halo series and a huge portion of the narrative still is unavailable on the platform, if this turns out to be true it will be a massive win for the PC gaming community in general.

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