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Halo Infinite Graphics Are Unimpressive At Best

Halo Infinite Graphics Are All Shine And No Glitter

Halo Infinite was the star attraction at Xbox Games Showcase which was a Microsoft event especially focusing on the games that are coming out for the Xbox Series X console, while the choices were far and wide. It was Halo Infinite that the world had held its breath for.

Looking at the gameplay reveal, one thing was made abundantly clear, Halo Infinite looks beautiful and unimpressive at the same time. While it may seem like a conflict of interest, the expectations that Halo Infinite carries along with it are crumbling.

For long Halo has been the definitive game that has taken the Xbox consoles to people’s households. Halo is a massive franchise and forever will be. So, when the gameplay reveal happened all we got to see was Master Chief bickering and then killing a few aliens.

You can see in the video above that the character details aren’t as sharp as you’d want them to be, neither does the game look groundbreaking.

The entire mystique of Halo for years had been that it was one of the most innovative franchise, the world had ever seen. From brilliant storylines, unbelievable graphics, and gameplay mechanics that would change the FPS genre. Halo has become complacent in recent launches.

Today’s Xbox Games Showcase didn’t show off a lot but whatever it did show looked beautiful. You could see Master Chief’s Armor bask in the soft sunlight that lit up the world where his aircraft landed, you saw a few old weapons come to the light which worked brilliantly.

halo infinite gameplay 2

One of the key aspects of Halo Infinite was the ray tracing that is going to make the lighting of the game look better than ever before and while it does its job, the details when you see the characters and the environment seems to be missing.

halo infinite gameplay

Halo Infinite looks more like an Xbox One game which will take advantage of the Xbox Series X console power and architecture rather than a game solely developed for the Xbox Series X. IF this becomes a huge issue when the game releases, well we can’t know until then.

But for someone who has been a huge fan of the series since inception, it felt to be let down by one of the best gaming franchises in the history of video games and being let down by Microsoft ahead of the release of their Xbox Series X console.