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Halo Infinite Offline Bug And Multiplayer Is Unavailable Issue Fix

Are you getting the Multiplayer is Unavailable issue when playing Halo Infinite? Check out this guide to learn how to fix the Offline bug.

Halo Infinite is a fun game to play with your friends. But it can be really frustrating when all your friends are online but you are offline. And many players are facing this issue. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix the Offline bug or Multiplayer is Unavailable issue in Halo Infinite.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Offline Bug


halo infinite offline bug fix

You can try some of these fixes to resolve the offline bug for Halo Infinite. Thanks to AarohanTechSol on YouTube for sharing these fixes.

  • Change Appearance in Xbox app: In case you happened to turn your visibility offline you might face this issue. To fix it launch the Xbox app, click on your profile icon and change the option to appear online.
  • Sync your Time: Halo Infinite Multiplayer is online and as such having your region and date & time correct is very important. Go to Settings, then select Time & Language. Here change time settings to set time automatically and change your region to your current region.
  • Check NAT type Status: You can check this by going to settings, here select Gaming. The last option here is Xbox Networking, here check NAT type and Server Connectivity. If NAT says “Teredo is unable to qualify” and Server says blocked, then run your command prompt as administrator and run the following commands one after the other.
    • netsh int teredo set state disable
    • netsh int teredo set state type=default
    • netsh int teredo set state enterpriseclient
    • netsh int teredo set state servername=teredo.remlab.net
  • Disable manual proxy: You can disable it by going to settings and selecting Network and Internet. Here choose the last option that says Proxy. You will find a section called Manual proxy setup. Here turn off the “Use a proxy server” option.


If the above fixes didn’t work then you can also try some of these general fixes.

  • Restart your PC: Press Alt + F4 and select restart. Once your PC has started try running the game again.
    Refresh your connection: For wired users, you can do that by plugging out the Ethernet cable and plugging it in. And for wireless users simply reboot your router and try connecting again.
    Disconnect and reconnect: If you play wirelessly on Wifi then disconnect and forget the network. Now try connecting to it again and playing the game.

That covers this guide on how to fix Halo Infinite Offline bug and Multiplayer is unavailable issue. If you like playing this game then check our other guides on best PC settings and how to fix user is banned in Halo Infinite.