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Halo Infinite DirectX 12 & Could Not Find Compatible Graphics Device Error Fix

Have issues with DirectX 12 when playing Halo Infinite? This guide will help you with the fix.

Halo Infinite is out and is free to play. But while you can enjoy playing this game with your friends, one thing you will have to deal with is bugs. And like most online games or freshly released games, errors are a common occurrence. And one such issue is the DirectX 12 bug, which won’t even let you launch the game if you happen to encounter it. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix DirectX 12 error for Halo Infinite and Could not find compatible Graphics Device error fix.

How to Fix DirectX 12 error for Halo Infinite

halo infinite could not find compatible graphics device error fix

  • Update your graphics drivers: Whether you use Nvidia or an AMD GPU, keeping your graphics drivers to the latest version is a must. And there are two ways you can do that. One is by manually checking the Nvidia and AMD sites for driver updates for your graphics card. Alternatively, you could install the Nvidia Geforce Experience or the AMD Radeon™ Software based on your graphics card to get notified about the update when one is out. And you can also download and update your graphics drivers through them.
  • Install and Update DirectX 12: One of the basic requirements for this game is having DirectX 12. Check if your PC supports it and if it does then make sure it is on the latest version. You can download DirectX 12 from the official Microsoft site.

Be sure to restart your PC when you update your drivers or graphics card as it is a good practice to ensure the update is in effect. Lastly, if the above fixes don’t work for you, all you can do is wait. You can wait for the game to release an update that is compatible with the latest version of your graphics card. Another option that isn’t so viable is upgrading your system. If you really want to play this game then you will require a system that supports at least the minimum requirements of the game.

That covers this guide on how to fix DirectX 12 for Halo Infinite and Could not find compatible Graphics Device error fix. If you are planning to buy a system then be sure to check our minimum and recommended requirements guide. And if you got the game to run through the above fix then check our guide on how to get Credits in Halo Infinite.