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All Gyarados Weakness In Pokemon

Learn about all of the Weaknesses that Gyarados has in Pokemon from this guide.

Pokemon is a game about becoming a trainer of wonderful Monsters and battling other Trainers to be the very best. This has been the motto of Pokemon from back in Generation 1 of Pokemon, 1996. After that, there were many Pokemon titles released and at the time of this article, there are 8 Generations and Gen 9 on the horizon. In Pokemon, there are different kinds of Pokemon from the small & cute ones to the mighty giants. Each of these Pokemon has its Strengths & Weaknesses. One such Pokemon we will be discussing here is Gyarados. In this guide, I will talk everything about Gyarados and its Strengths & Weakness in Pokemon.

What is the Weakness of the Gyarados in Pokemon


gyarados weakness pokemon

Gyarados is a Pokemon from all the back in Gen 1. It is an iconic Pokemon & is a Fan-favorite to this day. Gyarados is a Water & Flying Type Pokemon that evolves from Magikarp at level 20. Being a Water & Flying Type Pokemon, Gyarados has a Weakness to only Electric & Rock. It has only 2 Weaknesses but the Electric Weakness is 4x & Rock Weakness of 2x. It seems like Gyarados is Weak because of these typings but it is one of the best Pokemon to have on your Team. Below are the Type interactions with the Others & Gyarados in Pokemon.

  • Super Effective against: Fighting Type, Ground Type, Rock Type, Bug Type, Fire Type, & Grass Type.
  • Not Effective against: None.
  • Resists against: Fighting Type, Bug Type, Steel Type, Fire Type, & Water Type.
  • Weak against: Rock Type.
  • Super Weak against: Electric Type.
  • Immune against: Ground Type.


As you can see in the list, Gyarados’s Weakness to Electric & Rock may be bad but it has 5 Resistances & 1 Immunity. Also, there is no Type in the game currently that can resist Gyarados’s attacks. Gyarados have a Mega Evolution as well that makes them from a Water-Flying Type to a Water-Dark Type. Although it is significantly stronger, the type change doesn’t help Gyarados that much. The Pokemon that Gyarados has a total Weakness in is Alolan Golem (the whole Evolution line). Then the usual Electric &/or Rock Pokemon are strong against Gyarados.

This was all about Gyarados’s Weakness in Pokemon. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like All Flying Type Weakness in Pokemon.