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GTA Online Gun Van Location Today (20th January 2023)

Here is Today's Location for Gun Van in GTA Online.

As a part of the Los Santos Drug War update, GTA Online has received one of its newest features. A Gun Van is now available to find on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. This Vapid Speedo Van allows you to purchase various items like exclusive guns, armor, throwables, and more. To be precise, it sells you more exclusive firepower than Ammu-Nation at a very discounted Price. However, the location of this Gun Van changes every day which gives you the task of finding it every day. Don’t worry, this guide got you covered. Read till the end to know Today’s Location for the Gun Van in GTA Online.


Where is the Gun Van in GTA Online? [Today’s Location]

The location of the Gun Van will change every day for 30 days. For today (20th January 2023), you can find the Gun Van near the LA Mesa Auto Shop in East Los Santos. Further, you can also locate the Gun Van by finding it on the mini-map. Simply look for a black-colored van icon on the map and select it to mark the way toward it. Moreover, you can always use the Legends tab to find the Gun Van effortlessly in GTA Online.

Where Is Gun Van Today In GTA Online

How to Use the Gun Van?

In order to use the Gun Van and purchase cool weapons, simply walk to the back of the Van and interact with the vendor. From there, you will be able to purchase weapons like Railgun, Heavy Sniper, and Armors like Super Light Armor and Super Heavy Armor, just to name a few, at an exclusive discounted rate. In addition, you can also purchase weapon upgrades like cosmetics and ammo.


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