How To Get Navy Revolver In GTA Online (All 5 Clues)

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Are you looking to obtain the special Navy Revolver in GTA 5 Online? Then you have just arrived at the right place as this guide has everything you need. This weapon was introduced with the Diamond Casino Heist Update. To unlock the Navy Revolver, you need to find and eliminate the Los Santos Slasher. However, finding this serial killer is not a piece of cake as he does not spawn randomly. That being said, here’s everything you can do to find the Los Santos Slasher and unlock the Navy Revolver in GTA Online.

 How to Unlock Navy Revolver in GTA V Online – All 5 Slasher Clues Location

How to Find the Slasher & Unlock Navy Revolver in GTA 5 Online
GTA Online Navy Revolver Clue Locations (Image Source: GTAWEB)

For Navy Revolver to unlock & the Slasher to spawn, you need to find 5 Clues scattered across the map in GTA Online. The first 4 clues can be found easily, whereas, the fifth clue can spawn in 5 locations randomly. In the image above, you can see the locations of each of those 5 clues. Once you reach those locations, look out for the following clues there.

Clue #1 – ‘Can you Find Me?’

Navy Revolver in GTA 5 Online
Image Source – GTA Series Videos (YouTube)

Upon reaching the location of Clue #1, look for a wall that has ‘Can you Find Me?’ written on it.

Clue #2 – Chopped Hand

Navy Revolver in GTA 5 Online

For the second clue, reach the location as shown in the image and look for a hand that is cut apart from the body.

Clue # 3 – Machete on Wooden Wall

Navy Revolver in GTA 5 Online

In this location, you should look for a Machete with blood on it. It will be rammed on a wooden wall.

Clue # 4 – Bloody Handprint on a Door

Los Santos Slasher Clue 4

Further, for the 4th clue, look for a bloody handprint on a white door.

Clue #5 – Van

Los Santos Slasher Clue 5

As mentioned above, the 5th clue can be found in any 1 of the 5 locations. Although, look for Slasher’s Van upon reaching the location. PS – The back door of the Van will be opened

Once you have found all 5 clues, you will receive a text message from the Slasher. Now that the Los Santos Slasher is after you, you need to wait for him to spawn. To do so, head over to the Sandy Shore Airfield and wait on the runway. Also, keep in mind that the slasher will only spawn between 19:00 PM to 5:00 AM. Once the Slasher spawns near you, a red skull icon will appear on the map. You now need to kill him immediately to get $50,000 and Navy Revolver in GTA Online.

Now that you have the Navy Revolver in GTA Online, there is a challenge awaiting you. All you need to do is kill 50 people with Navy Revolver to obtain $200,000. Moreover, you will also unlock an exclusive Lowry’s Revolver in Red Dead Online.

That is pretty much everything you can do to unlock the Navy Revolver in GTA Online. While you are here, make sure to check out our other GTA Online Guides on Gamer Tweak.

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