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Where Is Gun Store In Roblox Brookhaven? (Location)

Without guns you can't rob a bank in Brookhaven, so visit the Iron Sights Gun Store to get the job done.

Just like you many players are having trouble finding the Gun Store in Roblox Brookhaven. This issue started to rise right after the massive update which changed the game entirely. The update not only added new houses, new vehicles, or props but also 4 changeable buildings. And that’s why many veteran or new players are getting confused and are unable to find what they are looking for. But not anymore, we’ll help you find the exact location of the gun store so you can start roleplaying with your friends asap.

How to Find Gun Store in Brookhaven RP (Iron Sights)

Where Is Gun Store In Roblox Brookhaven (Location)

The Gun Store is one of the changeable buildings the devs added to Brookhaven. And this building can be changed into 3 different stores, so that’s why players are getting confused after the update. To visit this building simply walk behind from the spawn point. And enter the building beside the Starbrooks Coffee shop, above the Library. Do note this building can be changed into 3 different stores such as.

How to Find Gun Store in Brookhaven RP (Iron Sights) location

  • Zerizon – Phone Store
  • Iron Sights – Gun Store
  • GTX – Auto Parts

You can also change the current building type by yourself to a Gun store or other store in Roblox Brookhaven. To do that simply enter the store in the image above and on your left, you’ll see the option to make the changes. But don’t forget, changing the store type will be applied to every player on that server. And to switch back to another type, you’ll have to wait for the 2 minutes cooldown period to end. It’s also worth noting that, guns have no lethal effect in the game and only serve a RP purpose. However, players still can shoot fire to get the sound and visual effects.

That is all about how you can find the Gun Store in Roblox Brookhaven easily. Now that you have a gun, go ahead and check out how to rob the Bank in the game. Also, take a look at the Brookhaven Outfit Codes to up your style.