How To Rob The Bank In Brookhaven Roblox

Here's how to rob the bank in Roblox Brookhaven.

If you want to embark on the next big bank heist in Brookhaven, you’ll need to grasp the basics of robbing banks. This is a simple procedure that you may begin directly before the game begins. It’s more for the roleplaying part than for really getting rich in Brookhaven. So let’s look at how to rob a bank in Roblox Brookhaven.

How to Rob the Bank in Roblox Brookhaven

You must obtain the green keycard from the front desk at the entry to rob the bank in Roblox Brookhaven. Grab that key and use it to unlock the vault’s door. Take a bomb from your bag, place it in front of the vault, and then detonate the explosive to bust it open. You can now enter the locker and take the bag of cash.

Brookhaven How To Rob The Bank

The first step is to obtain the green keycard from the ground floor of the bank. It’s near the manager’s desk, and you may pick it up by simply clicking on it. This will allow you to enter the vault by opening the vault door. Select it and it will be added to your inventory. Open the door by going up the steps. To open the door, you must have the keycard in your hand. This is where you’ll discover the vault. Look through your backpack to select available bombs. Place it in your hand and proceed to the bank vault. Toss it on the ground with a click. If it’s not immediately near to the vault, it won’t blast the door off. These steps are necessary to unlock the vault and grab the money bags.

How to Trigger the Bank Detonator?

To trigger the detonator, find the green button on the left side of the screen to detonate and burst through the door. Now, open the bag again and click on the red X hovering over the bomb to return back and pick up all the bags of money in the vault. Return to the card in inventory and use it to unlock the door, allowing you to exit the bank once more. You must use caution because when you blow up the vault door, an alarm will sound, alerting all nearby police officials.

That’s all you need to know about how to rob the bank in Brookhaven. If you like to have more tips and tricks along with codes, for popular Roblox games, then check them out in Gamer Tweak.: