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How To Roman Cancel Guilty Gear Strive

This is how to RC in Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive has a mechanism called Roman Cancel, which, when used properly can be your greatest move. However, it is all about where, when, and how to use it in the game. So to execute a perfect RC in GGS, keep reading this guide.

How To Roman Cancel (RC) In Guilty Gear Strive?

How To RC In GGS

To Roman Cancel in Guilty Gear Strive, press 3 buttons simultaneously with none of them being the dust button. This will literally cancel your combo if you are in it midway and bring your character back into a neutral position. RC will help you start a new combo from scratch that will match the opponent’s move.

Remember, using it at the wrong time may just make you stand there in a match and take a higher amount of damage, so timing and speed are the keys to executing a perfect RC that would work in your favor.

Types of RC in GGS

These are the types of RC that the players have at their disposal in GGS:

  • Red RC– Red will cost you 50% of your tension meter and in return will cancel out your character’s animation into an optimal setup, combo extension, or a stray hit depending on what move set are you currently in.
  • Yellow RC– For 50% of your tension meter, you can replace your dead angle attack by generating a shockwave while blocking and attack and knocking back your enemy, slowing him down a little.
  • Purple RC– Again costing 50% of your tension meter, it will slow down your enemy. This roman cancel will occur right during the start of an attack or during the end of it provided the opponent is not in a hitstun or a blockstun.
  • Blue RC– In exchange for 50% of the tension meter, this RC can be applied when your character is in a neutral position and not attacking.

So that is all for our guide on how to Roman Cancel in Guilty Gear Strive. If you would like to know how to invite friends to the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.