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How To Fix Failed To Match With Opponent In Guilty Gear Strive

Here's how to fix failed to match with opponent in Guilty Gear Strive.

Are you trying to invite and play with your friends but Guilty Gear Strive Player Match is not working and it failed to match with an opponent? Then you are among many who are facing this issue and looking for a fix. We also faced this issue. So here’s how to fix the match-making with friends.

Guilty Gear Strive Failed To Match With Opponent Fix

This is happening for the majority of players in PC. The issue happens when you use the unique Search ID to join your friend. But it doesn’t work and it keeps reverting back to the default settings. If you need to know how private matches work then check out our guide on How to Invite and Play With Friends in GGS. Guilty Gear Strive Player Match servers are not working and it says failed to match with an opponent.

Guilty Gear Strive Player Match not working

Private lobbies seem to be broken now, and the only way to fix this issue is completely dependent on chance. The fix is more of a workaround. Here’s how to do this:

  • Join the Public room where it is not filled with a lot of players.
  • Make sure you and your friends are in the same lobby.
  • You need to press the button at the same time to start searching together.
  • So there is a high chance you end in a match together at the same time.

This is the only workaround to fix the situation right now. The devs have not acknowledged the issue through the official Twitter account. So we players are trying to bring this to their notice. Hopefully, a fix would be released by the devs soon.

That’s everything you need to know about Guilty Gear Strive failed to match with an opponent. If you are enjoying GGS, then check out our Guilty Gear Strive Guides for more hidden tips & tricks.