Guardian Tales Tier List

Not sure who should be part of your Arena, Co-op, and Orbital Lift team? Check out this best Guardian Tales character tier list to know.

Looking for a Guardian Tales character tier list? You have come to the right place. The game has over 50 Heroes offering their unique abilities with different elemental controls and Roles. These legendary guardians support you in different game modes, like Story, Arena, Colosseum, Raid, Co-op, Orbital Lift, and more. We compared them in these areas and created this best-to-worst ranked guide. As the team should comprise all Roles, we have a separate tier list for them: Tank, Warrior, Ranged, and Support. So, without further ado let’s dive into this tier list of the guardians.

Guardian Tales Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Guardian Tales Tier List Ranking

Best Tank Characters

S Future Princess, Mecha Warrior Oghma
A Aspiring Warrior Craig, Legendary Hero Erina
B Grand Admiral Marina
C Twin Fighter Lavi
D Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang

Best Warrior Characters

S Dark Magician Beth, Future Knight, Demon Queen Lilith, Ice Witch Lupina, Party Crasher Mad Panda Trio, Flame Harpy Scintilla, Model Employee Parvati
A Movie Star Eugene, Knight Lady Lapice, Santa’s Little Helper Rue, Dragon Avatar Vishuvac, Scrivener Lahn, Drunken Swordsmaster Lynn, Master Swordsman Gourry
B Swordsman Akayuki, Desert Mercenary Marvin, Goddess of Wat Plitvice, Dragon Knight Shapira, Golem Rider Alef, Grim Reaper Hana
C Dual-personality Maid Amy, Kung Fu Master Mei/Fei, Dragon Seeking Girl Neva
D The Knight, White Beast, Lifeguard Yuze,

Best Ranged Characters

S Flower Girl Bari, Nine-tailed Fox Garam, Demonshire Count Claude, Robbers’ Killer Lina, Little Android AA72, Android Mk.99
A Summer Innkeeper Loraine, Half Vampire Priscilla, Slayer Andras, Noble Succubus Bianca, Dimension Traveler Catherine, Red Hood Elvira, Mad Scientist Gremory, Eight-tailed Fox Nari, Pirate Rachel, Autonomous Android Mk.2
B Executive Red Hood Arabelle, Hekate, Engineer Marianne, Battleball Girl Rie, Dancing Archer Tinia, Warlord Mercenary Orca, Trickster Lucy
C Innuit Girl Coco, Swindler Magician Dolf, Knight Captain Eva, The Bound Child Clara, Scientist Sohee, Sniper Hekate
D Fire Dragon Girgas, No.9 Miss Chrom

Best Support Characters

S God of Harvest Kamael, Archangel Gabriel, Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel
A Exorcist Miya, Chosen One’s Archpriestess Veronica, Necromancer Noxia, Idol Captain Eva, Sea Witch Ara, Prist Xellos
B Princess Aisha, Eleanor, Leaf Fairy Aoba, Goddess of Wealth Eleanor
C Twin Healer Favi, Vampire Girl Karina
D Innkeeper Loraine

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