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GTA Roleplay Guide: What is GTA RP and how to Join online servers?

What is GTA RP and how do you download it?

GTA RP is a mod for GTA 5 that unlocks new features of the open-world game. If you are new to this mod and want to know more about What is GTA RP then here is a detailed guide. I will also show you how to download GTA RP and how to join custom GTA RP servers online.

What is GTA RP?


A multiplayer mod, different that GTA Online Mod. GTA RP allows players to create custom stories. Breaking the boundaries of unable to choose any other character, GTA RP mode lets you play in your own story. In the fictional city of Los Santos, you can find both real-world players and NPCs.

Through GTA RP mod you can play on a custom server. Not like GTA Online, it is created by any random GTA player. You can play as any NPC character, not the official ones. So you have a different identity to try on, you can customize your avatar in different ways.

Roleplay story, missions, quest, etc rely on the user who created the GTA RP server. You will need to download and install the GTA RP mod in your PC to create or join a custom server.


How to download GTA RP Mod?

The best mod available today for the GTA RP server is FiveM. A multiplayer modification framework for GTA V. The mod allows you to play on customized dedicated servers. Players can set up their custom multiplayer modes. It can tricky to setup this mod so I am adding the installation instructions also.

With it, I will share details on how to find GTA RP servers and how to join them to play games on a custom server.


How to install GTA RP Mod – FiveM?

  • Make sure you have GTA V installed on your PC.
  • Disable antivirus before you download the mod. It is a .exe file so there are chances the antivirus will flag it as a threat and remove it.
  • You can add FiveM.exe under whitelist or exclusion if you do not want to completely disable your antivirus.
  • Download FiveM and run FiveM.exe.
  • Default installation location of GTA RP Mod is “%localappdata%\FiveM”. You can also run the .exe file in an empty folder to set it as the default installation directory.

That is you had installed GTA RP mod – FiveM on your windows system. Now if in future you do not want it you can remove it. For this just go to the folder and delete all the content of the FiveM folder. That’s it.


How to join GTA RP Server?

Finding the list of GTA RP Servers can be a tedious job. But do not worry you can find them on the download site of FiveM mode. The download is provided above click on the Servers tab to view the list of all available. servers. After finding one you will need to find its IP address. A lot of custom RP servers have a discord account you can connect with them via the Discord app.

Press F8 to launch the console. You will have to need the IP address of the custom server, after getting it to connect command will help you to join it and start playing.

The command will be “connect <ip:port>”. A better example is “connect”. This is how you join a GTA RP server and if you know more about command types “cmdlist”. Here is a list of command commands and what they do.

  1. cmdlist – command will list all the commands.
  2. connect – connect to a server using IP address and Port.
  3. disconnect – disconnect from current server to return to main menu.
  4. developer – Turn on additional logging for developers.
  5. doshit – enable experimental features.
  6. quit – Close FiveM client.

NoPixel is another GTA RP server you can go for, but it may be already overloaded. You can try out sending up an applicable to join it, but as there is a long queue you will not get an instant chance. Here are a list of some GTA RP Servers.

  1. NoPixel – the hardest of all.
  2. ECLIPSE RP – Can host 200 players at a time.
  3. GTA WORLD – 500 members
  4. Mafia City – RP Server requires signups.

We will update the list with more GTA RP servers as we found which are good enough to try on. Otherwise, there is an entire server tab on FiveM download page that will give you a list of a lot of active servers.