How To Fix GTA Online Session Is Having Trouble Syncing Error

Check out solutions for the "GTA Online session is having trouble syncing" error in this article.

GTA Online sessions have been having trouble syncing recently. This issue does not let important catalogue data sync to the server. If you too have come across this rather frustrating problem, we have the fix in this article.

How to Solve The “GTA Online Session is Having Trouble Syncing” Issue?

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Check out how you can fix the “GTA Online session is having trouble syncing” issue.

  • One of the earliest signs that this issue is about to occur is when you may find it difficult to perform actions like making purchases.
  • The biggest and most frustrating effect of this issue is the fact that it is highly likely all your progress is lost when it occurs.
  • This means that the money you earn after completing events or missions will be lost.
  • The “GTA Online session is having trouble syncing” error may also occur regularly during a short span of time.
  • This means that you may find everything normal and log in to play, only to notice that the error has occurred again.
  • As of now, the occurrence of this error is on the part of Rockstar, the developers of GTA.
  • Many players have also found Rockstar’s official support page to be of little help. The page claims that everything is fine with the game despite errors.
  • For now, your best option is to stay patient and hope the developers find a solution.
  • You can constantly check for any updates with regards to the issue on Twitter, Discord or Reddit.

That brings us to end of this article on how you can possibly fix the the “GTA online session is having trouble syncing” issue. As mentioned earlier, you will need to wait for Rockstar to rectify this error with an update.

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