Are GTA 5 Online Or Rockstar Servers Down? (April 2023)

Here's how to find out if GTA 5 Online or Rockstar servers are down at the moment or not.

For many players worldwide, GTA V is the best game they’ve ever played. Rightly so, because the experience of the main campaign, as well as the replayability of GTA online, is unmatched. Rockstar is still releasing upgraded versions of this title, despite its original release in 2013. But sometimes, even the best in the business struggle with server issues. If you are wondering whether GTA 5 Online or Rockstar servers are down right now, here’s how to find out.

Are GTA 5 Online or Rockstar Servers Down?

rockstar service status

There are multiple ways to check if GTA V servers are down and unavailable at the moment.

Official Rockstar Service Status

The best way to know the current situation is to head to the official website. Players can find out if one or more platforms are affected due to the outage or if the problems are related to the Rockstar games launcher. If you’re an RDR fan then you will be able to view the service status of this game right here on the same page. It is a consistently updated web page that you can rely on for accuracy.

Rockstar Support on Twitter

For additional information, follow @RockstarSupport on Twitter and see if they have posted any updates related to maintenance or improvements. They may mention the end time of the outage period after which players will be able to play the game once again.

Down Detector

gta 5 servers down detector

Down Detector is a well-known site in the gaming community. That’s because players are able to view a graph that tells you about past downtime during that day (or night). You can submit a report and if more reports get submitted, it gets reflected in the outage graph. Gamers can check out the comments posted on Downdetector too.

Last but not the least, check out Twitter and Reddit for more information related to GTA 5 Online or Rockstar servers being down or not. As a result of all of this, you will be able to collect accurate information and plan your gaming session for later.