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GTA Online Flag War Guide – How to Participate In Flag War?

Two Teams Two Flags

GTA Online has different gaming modes, and here is the best one. If you are looking for details what is Flag War in GTA Online, how to participate in GTA 5 Flat War? or how to start one to play with friends then here is a guide for you.

What is Flag War in GTA Online?

Flag War is a part of Arena War Adversary Mode in GTA Online. Part of Arena War Update, Flag WAr is one of the popular game modes to play in GTA Online. Two teams compete with each other with two flags. In this mode, four players divided into two teams will be inside a vehicle.

The objective is to capture the enemy’s flag. You can either choose to attack an enemy or defend your flag in the GTA Online. The objective is simple, inside one of the combat vehicles you will be riding to capture and hold the flag till the time runs out.

How to participate in Flag War in GTA Online?

Go to GTA Online and then pause the game. Go to Select Online and Select Jobs. Look for Arena War and then select Flag War. This will start the flag war in GTA Online. You can choose among three maps to participate in the match. You can play multiple times, one important thing is to pick the right vehicle. Because you will be driving and chasing others, it is necessary to choose something small and fast. There are heavy vehicles also in the Flag War mode that can overthrow other cars off the ground but they can hard to control.

Tips to win in Flag War in GTA Online

  1. You can switch between teams before the game starts.
  2. If Team Balancing options are enabled, then the Join Team button will be disabled.
  3. If you are starting Flat War you can adjust the rounds between 1 to 4.
  4. The objective is to collect enemies flag and deliver to the other side of the area. Players will try to block your way, so try looking for shortcuts.
  5. Follow the orange or purple smoke to deliver the flag.
  6. If a player is killed while carrying the flag, the second one can pick and deliver it.
  7. Delivering flag will reward with the score but if time runs out, the team with the highest score wins.

So this is how you can participate in Flag War mode in GTA Online. You will be competing with other online players. There is no option to start your custom Flag War mode, things are mostly random here with some cool rewards.