Grimoires Era Tier List 2024

Grimoires are essential part of combat in Grimoires Era. Here is a tier list with all of them ranked from best to worst to help you choose the best amongst them.

In Grimoires Era, while you will need some time to grind through the early levels of the game, you will quickly stumble upon the various Grimoires consisting of different movesets and transformations. These offer you the chance to learn a variety of abilities based on the particular Grimoires. However, there are a couple of them each divided into different rarities. And for players looking to excel in their wizardry, knowing which ones are the best among them is essential.

This is where our best Grimoires Era Tier List comes in clutch for you. Since these Grimoires are divided into different rarities ranging from common to mythical, you will find it quite confusing. So if you want to know the best among them, then here is our tier list that you can check out further.

Best Grimoires Era Tier List

Best Grimoires Ranked In Grimoires Era
Best Grimoires Ranked From Best To Worst (Screenshot; GamerTweak)

Before going any further, the Grimoires are ranked from S Tier (Best) to D Tier (Worst) considering their abilities and movesets in Grimoires Era. With that being said, here are all of them ranked to know which are the best ones to get your hands on:

S Tier

In S Tier, you will find the absolute best Grimoires that you will come across in Grimoires Era:

Anti Magic Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Anti Magic Slash
    • X Key: Anti Magic Hurricane
    • C Key: Anti Magic Liberation
    • V Key: Transform
  • Transformation skills
    • Z Key: Anti Magic-Cracks
    • X Key: Anti Magic Burst
    • C Key: Anti Magic Break
    • V Key: Detransformation

A Tier

A Tier consists of Grimoires that almost failed to make the cut for S Tier but still are one of the best ones that you can get your hands on:

Wind Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Wind Spear
    • X Key: Wind Hurricane
    • C Key: Wind Sharp
    • V Key: Transform
  • Transformation Skills
    • Z Key: Wind Blast
    • X Key: Wind Race
    • C Key: Wind Rush
    • V Key: Detransformation

B Tier

In B Tier, you will come across Grimoires that have good abilities and moves:

Dark Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Dark Cut
    • X Key: Dark Slash
    • C Key: Dark Tp
    • V Key: Dark Ultimate

Fire Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Fire Bust
    • X Key: Fire Pillar
    • C Key: Fire Roar
    • V Key: Fire Emperor

Water Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Water Bomb
    • X Key: Water Explosion
    • C Key: Water Health
    • V Key: Water Flood

C Tier

C Tier consists of Grimoires that will make do with their decent move sets in the game:

Bronze Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Bronze Whip
    • X Key: Double Bronze Whip
    • C Key: Sequential Bronze Whip
    • V Key: Area Bronze

D Tier

This tier consists of average Grimoires that you will come across in Grimoires Era:

Regen Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Self Regen
    • X Key: Area Regen
    • C Key: Vampire Regen

Reinforcement Grimoire

  • Skills
    • Z Key: Reinforcement Crusher
    • X Key: Reinforcement Grimoire
    • C Key: Reinforcement Punch
    • V Key: Reinforcement Transformation

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