FF16 Griffin (Dozmare) Location & How To Defeat

Looking for one of the Notorious Marks in the game? Check out this guide to know the location of Griffin in Final Fantasy 16 & how to defeat it.

The newest installment in the Final Fantasy series introduces players to bounty hunts also called Notorious Marks. In these, you will be able to track and hunt down various monsters in the game. Players will come across a range of monsters in Valisthea each with different difficulty to kill. One such monster that’s part of the side quest Blacksmith’s Blues is the Griffin (also known as Dozmare). Defeating it will help Clive earn some Renown and Gil in return, so if you are wondering where to find Dozmare, check out this guide on the location of Griffin in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) and how to defeat it.

How to Find Griffin in Final Fantasy 16

how to find & defeat griffin in ff16

  1. Players will first interact with Blackthorne & Charon to know more about Griffin & start the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest in FF16.
  2. Once you are tasked to find & defeat Dozmare, head towards the Hunt Board in the Mess and talk to Nektar. After which you can take a look out at the Hunt Board to locate the beast.
  3. You will then get to know about the Griffin being located somewhere near the trail from Lostwing to Caer Norvent.
  4. Fast travel from your location to Lostwing in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.
  5. From the Obelisk you fast traveled go southeast and find a way to Caer Norvent River Gate. Once here, head south of the gate, and near the wall you will encounter the Griffin Dozmare.

How to Defeat Griffin in FF16

Dozmare is one of the most difficult-to-beat beasts you will come across in bounty hunts. It is a B-rank monster who once defeated will give you around 20 Renown & 8500 Gil in the game. Learning attack patterns and looking for room for attacks will be the key to defeating the Griffin. Listed below are the attacks he will perform while in battle:

  • Lunge Attack – Dozmare will fly up and if there is no wind beneath him, he will lunge at Clive.
  • AoE Attack – Dozmare will fly up and if there are lights and the wind beneath him then he will attack Clive with a wind spell and you will have to get out of the area.
  • Special Attack – Dozmare will fly in circles and dive into the ground around Clive to release a field of energy.

Once you get used to the attacks it gets easier to find rooms for attack during his cooldown.

That’s everything covered on the location of Griffin in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). While coming across such monsters and enemies in the game it’s best to get your hands on weapons, check out our how to get every weapon in FF16 to help you through it.