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The Great White Shark In ACNH – How To Catch It?

Catch this shark!

Good news for players with islands in the Northern Hemisphere! Starting from June, you will now be able to catch the prized Great White Shark in ACNH. In this Animal Crossing New Horizons guide, we will show you what you need to look for and how to get your hands on the Great White Shark.

Great White Shark in ACNH Spawning Time & Location

Are you wondering when does a Great White Shark spawn in ACNH? Well, it will be available from 4 pm to 9 am, so be ready during this time. For the folks in the Northern hemisphere, these are the months during which this shark can be caught – June, July, August and September. For those in the Southern hemisphere, you can catch it during the December to March period.


The Great White Shark will spawn at the sea, near the pier or somewhere else. You will notice a large shadow that is finned. Its appearance is quite reminiscent of the Jaws movie, but in a significantly less terrifying way. When you see it, simply use the fishing rod as usual, wait for the shark to bite and reel it in when it does.

Once you catch this prized shark, you can sell it for 15,000 Bells. If you’d like to sell it for more, then try selling them to CJ for a higher price later.

Make sure to use fish bait to attract fish and catch them. Note that the Great White Shark is quite a rare fish so if you are really lucky, you might get it on your first attempt. If not, keep trying during the months of June to September and eventually might catch one or more. As of now, there is no known method to increase the spawn rate of this shark.

That’s everything about the Great White Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more information about other creatures in the game as well as tips to make the best island ever, check out our ACNH guides.