How To Get Fish Bait Easily In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Fish baits have existed as long as people have known fishing, luring fishes so that you can catch them faster is the oldest trick people have used for centuries, the same applies in Animal Crossing New Horizons too. Reading this guide further will show you how you can get a fish bait in the game.

Now finding a fish bait is a bit dependent on your luck and other features. You will need to search a bit so best no waste any more time and get to it.

Where to Find Fish Bait In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Though generally, you would simply walk into a shop in real life and purchase a fish bait for yourself, things are different in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You cannot simply walk to any shop or wait for any merchant to hop on to your island and sell you bait, instead, you will have to find one yourself.

As with most fish food, they tend to munch on something that they can find in the water itself and this gives us an idea as to what the fish bait will be.

To get a fish bait you will have to stroll down on the beaches of your island a lot, and while you do that you will have to keep an eye on the sand on the beach.

Keep looking for little water holes on the beach, your objective is to find Manila clams on the beach and this will be your fish bait. Now finding fish bait isn’t really quick and or easy, but you will have an advantage knowing exactly where to search them. The Beach.

How To Get Fish Bait Easily In Animal Crossing New Horizons

All you have to do is walk as much as you can on the beach, think of this as a leisure activity and a hobby and this will make the objective task even more enjoyable.

Once you have the Manila Clam, all you have to do is head back to Resident Service Center and find the workbench. You can use any workbench, but you will always have one at the Resident Service Center.

From there select the option to craft fish bait and all you need for it is one Manila Clam, once you have crafted it, you can then go to any water reservoir and have better chances of catching a fish.

That’s about it, though the requirement is pretty small you might spend more time than you thought to find the Manila Clam, other than that there isn’t much there is to do.

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