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Zelda TOTK Gourmets Gone Missing Side Quest Guide

Trouble finding Gotter's missing visitors in Zelda ToTK? Here's how to complete Gourmets Gone Missing side quest.

In Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (ToTK), the “Gourmets Gone Missing” is a simple quest. All you have to do is find some missing travelers and cook a meal for them. The thing that makes this quest significant is that the recipe is from Princess Zelda herself. Near every stable, you’ll find NPCs who have links to Zelda. You can take on their quests to complete the “Potential Princess Sightings” quest. In this one near the Riverside stable, you’ll find an NPC worried about the well-being of his visitors. So here’s how to find his visitors and help them.

How to Complete Gourmets Gone Missing In Zelda ToTK

Feed Meat and Rice Bowl to Agus and complete Gourmets Gone Missing in ToTK
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The Gourmets Gone Missing side quest starts when you talk to Penn at the coordinates (0385, -1045, 0015) near the Riverside Stable. He will inform you that an NPC called Gotter is waiting for guests who should’ve arrived by now. These guests are carrying a recipe from Princess Zelda herself. To complete this quest:

  1. Talk to Gotter on the pier and he will inform you about Agus.
  2. Once the dialogue is complete, cross the Owlan Bridge and head into the forest.
  3. To reach there faster, get a horse from the nearby stable.
  4. Follow the trail till you see tents and a bonfire to the right at the coordinates (0539, -1185, 0016).
  5. Go there and talk to Agus, who is leaning against a tree.
  6. He will ask you to help him cook Princess Zelda’s recipe, which is by the cooking pot.
  7. To cook this recipe, you’ll need single units of Hylian Rice, Raw Meat, and Rock Salt.
  8. Go to the inventory and hold these items in your hands.
  9. Now, go near the pot and drop them in it to make Princess Zelda’s “Meat & Rice Bowl” recipe.
  10. Once it is ready, go to Agus and hand over the meal.

This will cure Agus and he’ll feed the meal to everyone in the group. Then, he’ll inform you that the group ran into Princess Zelda a while back. She taught them the recipe but Joute from their group tried to use Monster Parts instead of meat. This led to the group falling sick.

If you don’t have the ingredients, then do not worry. They are not hard to find but you may have to travel a bit. You can get Raw Meat from any animal like the boar in the forest. For Rock Salt, you must find Ore Deposits in Mountains, Caves, or Wells. As for the Hylian Rice, you can purchase it from the general store in Hateno Village, Gerudo Town, Zora’s Domain, or Koroko Forest.

Gourmets Gone Missing Rewards

Once you cure Agus and the group, he will thank you for your kindness. As a reward for using your ingredients, he will hand you Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, and Raw Gourmet Meat. After the dialogue, you will meet Penn and he will give you a Purple Rupee, which is 50 Rupees.

That’s everything from us on how to complete Gourmets Gone Missing side quest in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. While you’re here, check out how to get one of the best horses in this game called Epona.